Friday, January 23, 2015

Transform Your Consciousness

Dear Ones,

I continue with important soul guidance for your spiritual journey with topic number 5: Transform Your Consciousness.

Generally speaking, when people talk about consciousness, they think it resides in the brain and mind. This is correct. But the teaching on consciousness that I offer in this book goes further.

Consciousness has three aspects: soul consciousness, mind consciousness, and body consciousness. Every system, every organ, every cell, every cell unit, every DNA and RNA, and every space between the cells has its own consciousness.

To transform consciousness is to transform all consciousness at every level of a human being.
Furthermore, an organization has a consciousness. A city has a consciousness. A country has a consciousness. Mother Earth has a consciousness. A planet has a consciousness. A star has a consciousness. A galaxy has a consciousness. A universe has a consciousness.

To transform consciousness is to transform the universal consciousness. What is the universal consciousness? Universal consciousness is divine consciousness. Align every consciousness in all universes with divine consciousness. The Divine’s consciousness is our consciousness. The Divine’s heart is our heart. The Divine’s soul is every soul in all universes. Meld our hearts with the Divine’s heart. Meld our souls with the Divine’s soul.

Let me lead you in a practice to transform your consciousness and universal consciousness together. The technique is extremely simple and practical. Its power is beyond words.

Chant and sing the Divine Soul Song “God Gives His Heart to Me,” which is a divine mantra:

Lu la lu la la li
Lu la lu la la li
Lu la lu la li
Lu la lu la li

God gives his heart to me
God gives his love to me
My heart melds with his heart
My love melds with his love

When you chant and sing this divine mantra, you align your heart, your soul, and your consciousness with the Divine. Begin by saying hello:

Dear soul, heart, mind, and body of every human being on Mother Earth,
Dear soul, heart, mind, and body of every animal on Mother Earth,
Dear soul, heart, mind, and body of everything in nature,
Dear soul, heart, mind, and body of everyone and everything in all universes,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
Let us join hearts and souls together to chant the divine mantra and Divine Soul Song, “God Gives His Heart to Me” To transform soul, heart, mind, body, and consciousness of all humanity and all souls in all universes.
I am grateful and appreciative.
Thank you.

Then start to chant:

Lu la lu la la li
Lu la lu la la li
Lu la lu la li
Lu la lu la li

God gives his heart to me
God gives his love to me
My heart melds with his heart
My love melds with his love

Chant for as long as you can, as many times as you can. Every moment you chant, you are offering the biggest service to humanity and every soul in all universes. You will gain incredible virtue. Your life will be transformed further and further. The blessing you can receive is beyond comprehension.

This technique is so simple. Do you really get it? I wish that you do. The real secret is that when you chant, you are the Divine’s heart. You are the Divine’s soul. You are all humanity. You are all souls in all universes.

Humanity is one.  

Mother Earth is one.  

All universes are one.  

All souls are one.  

Divine is one.

Transform all souls, hearts, minds, bodies, and consciousnesses to divine consciousness.  

Chant. Chant. Chant.  

Practice. Practice. Practice.  

Serve. Serve. Serve.  

Transform. Transform. Transform.    

Oneness. Oneness. Oneness.  

Hao! Hao! Hao!  

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Serve Humanity and All Souls Unconditionally

Dear Ones,

I continue with important soul guidance for your spiritual journey with topic number 4: Serve humanity and all souls unconditionally.

It is easy to say, “Serve humanity and all souls unconditionally.” It is difficult to do it. When you start to serve others, right away you may think, “I am spending too much time. This is taking too much effort. Is this worth it?” You may serve so hard and yet others do not pay attention. They are not appreciative. This could really make you wonder, “Should I continue to serve or not?”

Do not forget that everybody is on the spiritual journey. However, many people do not realize this. Many people do not have pure love, care, and kindness. Many people still think of themselves first. They are not ready to sacrifice themselves to serve others. They think their time should belong to their family or to themselves. Why spend so much time to do volunteer work? Why spend lots of time to chant mantras? Why spend hours to meditate? If they are not in the same condition as you, they do not understand, much less appreciate, that you are offering universal service through your volunteer work, chanting, and meditation.

The best approach is to explain directly to your family members, your loved ones, and your friends what you are doing. They may understand and support you. If they do not understand or even go against you, do not fight with them. Allow them time to understand. Do not lose your temper. Be soft. Be yin. If one person wants to fight but the other person remains completely quiet and soft, a fight will not happen. Fighting always happens when one side wants to fight and the other side fights back. This is not a solution for a spiritual being.

If you are a spiritual being, stand in a higher position. Understand that other people may not have the commitment that you have. Have patience and give them time to understand your heart. Give them love and compassion to transform them. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Forgiveness brings inner peace and inner joy. Compassion unites. If you carry love, forgiveness, and compassion, your spouse, family, and friends will understand you better and better. In time, your situation can be transformed to peace and harmony.

You made your commitment to offer unconditional service to others, to humanity, and to the universe. You cannot expect anyone else to do this. There is an ancient spiritual statement: teacher only teaches the ready ones. Another renowned spiritual statement is: When the student is ready, the teacher appears. The best way to deal with your family members, friends, and colleagues is to be an example of a pure servant. Use your example to influence them and touch their hearts. At the same time, try to offer teaching to them. The Divine needs millions of pure servants and teachers for humanity. If everyone on Mother Earth were to offer love, peace, and harmony, Mother Earth would pass through her transition very quickly. Conflicts would be dissolved. Natural disasters would be reduced. Always remember: Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Forgiveness brings inner peace and inner joy. Unconditional love and forgiveness are the golden keys to transforming humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

You spend time serving others, society, and humanity. You devote great effort to chanting and meditating and to sending your love to the universe. This time is not wasted. You will never get lost. Heaven and the Akashic Records record your service. The Divine knows in his heart that you are a pure servant. You are appreciated by the Divine. Lots of virtue is given to your soul. Your soul standing is uplifted. Every aspect of your present life and your future lives will be extremely blessed. You will flourish abundantly in every aspect of your life.

You serve. Heaven blesses you. The Divine honors you. We are honored to be a servant. We are extremely honored to be an unconditional universal servant.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Pass Spiritual Testing

Dear Ones,

The most important secret for passing spiritual testing is that you must have a very firm desire in your heart and mind. I want to serve humanity. I want to give my love, care, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, and purity to others. I am committed to being a servant of humanity. You should never think, “I give others too much.” You should never think, “Why did I go out of my way to help? I must have gotten lost.” After all, what is unconditional universal service? It is to serve without conditions. It is to serve without expectations. If you have this firm heart, you will be solid. No loving action is wasted. No forgiving action is wasted. No compassionate action is wasted. No service to others and humanity is wasted. The more you serve, the faster you will grow on your spiritual journey. You will overcome any challenges and pass any spiritual testing.

The second secret for passing spiritual testing is that you must chant divine mantras. Two divine mantras are vital to help you pass spiritual testing. One is “Love, Peace and Harmony”. The other is “God Gives His Heart to Me”. Any moment you feel challenged, any moment you feel emotional, any moment you doubt, any moment you feel strange, chant one of these divine mantras right away. Your thoughts and feelings will transform right away.

Remember, this is your spiritual journey. Nobody else can do it for you. You are in charge of your own spiritual journey. Of course, when you are struggling, it is very important to contact your
 spiritual teacher and the advanced spiritual beings whom you trust to give you guidance. Their help is vital to transforming your spiritual journey.

The third secret for passing spiritual testing is to have a regular spiritual practice. I suggest singing a Soul Song as many times per day as you can for as long as you can. Soul Song carries a soul healing wave. It carries love, care, and compassion. Soul Song is a spiritual calling, a treasure for the spiritual world. The moment you sing a Soul Song, you will receive a great response from the spiritual teachers and guides in Heaven. When they come, they know your struggle right away. They will send love and light instantly to transform your dark thoughts or behavior. Immediately, your spiritual journey will align with the divine path again.

I have personally sung many Soul Songs for my students and other individuals worldwide to bless their spiritual journeys and their healing, blessing, and life transformation. I welcome you to listen to my Soul Songs. They carry divine love and light to serve you.

The fourth secret for passing spiritual testing is to be grateful for the tests. Testing is a gift from the Divine and your spiritual fathers and mothers. Testing gives you the opportunity to eliminate your weaknesses and to replace darkness with love and light. Without testing, how could you purify your soul, heart, mind, and body? Without testing, how can the Divine know you are a total GOLD, unconditional universal servant? The only appropriate response to testing is thank you.

If you follow these four pieces of soul guidance,
it will absolutely help your spiritual journey.
I wish your spiritual journey will move higher and higher.
Pass spiritual testing.
Uplift your spiritual standing.
Finally, your soul can reach the divine realm.

I have included a video of Master Marilyn giving a teaching on how to pass spiritual testing. She is the expert on spiritual testing. You can learn a lot from her. Here is the link to the second video, Part 2. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spiritual Testing

Dear Ones,

I am delighted to continue to offer soul guidance for your spiritual journey.
The second topic is:

Spiritual Testing

If you are a spiritual being, the moment you commit to your spiritual journey, spiritual testing will start. It could come right away from your family. For example, if your spouse is not a spiritual being, he or she could create disharmony between the two of you. You may find you no longer have a common language, even if you did before. Your spouse will not understand or agree with many of the things you choose to do. Your spouse may feel that you are strange and difficult to understand. Family quarrels could start and happen one after another.

When you are on your spiritual journey, it could also happen right away that your close friends feel you are acting funny or strange. They feel you are different. They may feel alienated from you. They may tell you that you have been brainwashed by your spiritual teacher. They will start to influence you right away.

As I said before, if you are committed to be on the spiritual journey, you must understand that your purpose is to offer service to others. You must give unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, care, kindness, and generosity to others. You cannot be selfish anymore. Therefore, your view of the world has changed. You have changed. Therefore, your spouse, your family members, your friends, and your colleagues at work could feel you are strange. You are changed. This is very understandable because your consciousness has transformed and is probably transforming further. Your family, friends, and colleagues now do not share the same consciousness as you. Therefore, arguments, quarrels, and all kinds of disagreements are very understandable.

How do you deal with these sudden changes? First of all, you must understand that the views and opinions of others are spiritual testing for you. Always be patient, loving, and compassionate with your family and friends. The Divine made a spiritual law. Every spiritual being who wants to move forward on the spiritual journey must be tested. The further you want to move, the more you will be tested. Testing can come from every aspect of life. Testing usually comes in the area of our most significant weaknesses. If you have selfishness, you will be tested in that area. If you have fear, you will be tested there. If you have ego, your ego will be tested. If your commitment to service is
wavering, your commitment will be tested. No testing, no growth. No pain, no gain.

Think about school, from elementary school through graduate school. Testing happens year after year, one test after another. If you cannot pass your school tests, you cannot advance to a higher grade. It works the same way in the spiritual world. If you do not pass your spiritual tests, how can Heaven confirm your commitment to serve humanity? How can your soul standing be uplifted on your spiritual journey? How can you be enlightened? There is no second way. Therefore, testing is a must.

In my next blog post, I offer a teaching on How To Pass Spiritual Testing.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Friday, January 9, 2015

Why Do We Want To Be On A Spiritual Journey?

Dear Ones,

Let me continue to offer important soul guidance for your spiritual journey. The first topic is:

Why do you want to be on a spiritual journey?

Millions of people around the world are on a spiritual journey. If you are one of them, have you asked yourself why you want to be on a spiritual journey? You may think, “I want to have more love for myself and others.” Others may think, “I want to transform my relationships.” Others may think, “I want to help the poor, the sick, and the homeless.” Others may think, “I want to enlighten my soul.”

Let me share the key wisdom. The spiritual journey is the journey for the soul. If you want to be on the spiritual journey, you must first be aware right away that you will need to purify your soul and heart. You are transforming your soul and heart to be more loving, forgiving, compassionate, sincere, kind, generous, and grateful.

Your spiritual journey is not only for you and your soul. It is also a journey of service. You are on a path to serve others better and better, and more and more. You are on a path to transform others. You are serving the divine mission, which is to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

The key is to commit yourself to the path of service to others. Your soul wants to do this because the Divine made a law: to serve others is to uplift your soul’s spiritual standing.

To uplift your spiritual standing is to move closer to the Divine, which is to move closer to the divine realm. Every soul desires this. Why? What are the benefits of having your soul stay in a higher realm?

The nearer you are to the Divine, the more secret and sacred teaching and wisdom you are given. You are also given greater divine abilities to heal, bless, and transform the lives of others. Jesus, Mary, renowned buddhas, and many great spiritual fathers and mothers on Mother Earth have already demonstrated their divine abilities because they are dedicated to serving humanity. Their souls stay in a very high position in Heaven. They are given divine wisdom and divine abilities to heal and transform others. Therefore, their service has resulted in many heart-touching stories. Millions of people honor the teachings and appreciate the healings, blessings, and love from these
very high-level souls.

Therefore, the one-sentence secret about the spiritual journey is:  

The purpose of the spiritual journey is to serve others.

The Divine gave me a spiritual law in July 2003, the Universal Law of Universal Service. This universal law states:

I am a universal servant.
You are a universal servant.
Everyone and everything is a universal servant.
A universal servant offers universal service, including universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment.
If one offers a little service, one receives little blessing from the universe and from me.
If one offers more service, one receives more blessing.
If one offers unconditional service, one receives unlimited blessing.

This Universal Law of Universal Service clearly states the purpose of one’s spiritual journey and the results. The final destination of one’s spiritual journey is to reach the divine realm. When one’s soul reaches the divine realm, one will receive direct divine teaching and gain more wisdom and abilities from the Divine to serve humanity and all souls.

If you are a spiritual being, the moment you commit to your spiritual journey, spiritual testing will start.

In my next blog post, I will continue to offer soul guidance with a teaching on spiritual testing.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Soul Guidance For Your Spiritual Journey

Dear Ones,

A newborn baby needs great care from its parents. A toddler needs to learn a lot from parents. In elementary school, children need lots of guidance from teachers and parents. Even adults need guidance. People with all kinds of difficulties in life seek out counselors—financial counselors, marriage counselors, psychologists, business consultants, life coaches, and more. Just about everybody needs guidance and training at some point. Guidance is important for life.

Just as a physical being needs lots of guidance for physical life, a spiritual being also needs lots of guidance. Soul guidance can be guidance for your physical life, emotional life, mental life, or spiritual life. To receive soul guidance, you must open your spiritual communication channels. You must have a physical spiritual master or Heaven’s spiritual masters to guide you.

What Is Soul Guidance?

Soul guidance comes from your spiritual masters. You must find true spiritual masters. What is a true spiritual master? There is one standard of measurement. Your spiritual master must be a total GOLD and unconditional universal servant to offer universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment. Your spiritual master must be a pure and kind teacher who has great compassion. A true spiritual teacher will guide you well. A false spiritual teacher will guide you in the wrong direction.

Your Heaven’s spiritual guides can also guide you. After you open your spiritual channels, you can listen to their guidance. Buddhas, holy saints, and healing angels in Heaven find their students on Mother Earth. They offer their teachings to their physical students to guide them. Your Heaven’s spiritual guides can converse with you or show you spiritual images to guide you. They also bless you and protect you. They give you great love, care, and compassion.

In your spiritual journey, you must also understand and pass spiritual testing. You must understand the purification process. If you cannot pass spiritual testing, you may not move further on your spiritual journey. Many spiritual students cannot pass their spiritual testing. They quit the spiritual journey halfway. It is a great pity.

Every spiritual being must go through serious spiritual testing. On my spiritual journey, when I was learning from my beloved spiritual master and adoptive father, Master and Dr. Zhi Chen Guo, in China, some people came to me to tell me that Master Guo was not the right teacher for me. I thought he was a great teacher. His healing techniques worked. He taught all of his students to purify the heart, transform the personality, and accumulate virtue to be a pure servant. I was determined to continue to learn from him and was not affected by these outside influences.

Later, I received spiritual testing from my spiritual guides in Heaven. For a few weeks in 1994, my Third Eye saw many images. They also showed me that Master Guo was not the right teacher. They told me not to follow him. I knew that my teacher worked and studied tirelessly, put great effort into clinical research, showed great compassion and generosity to all of the patients who came to him, and cured many “incurable” cases. His deep wisdom had a profound impact on me. His techniques were incredibly effective. So I did not listen to this false guidance.

At that moment, I did not understand that I was being tested by Heaven. But because I did not listen to the false messages, I passed my test. I was very firm in continuing to follow my teacher’s teaching. After my spiritual guides saw my loyalty and commitment to my teacher’s journey, they blessed my spiritual journey with my teacher more and more. They also started to have soul conversations with me to directly teach me soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. Finally, in July 2003, the Divine chose me as the Divine’s servant and as a servant of humanity to offer divine healing, divine blessing, and divine creation through Divine Soul Downloads to serve humanity.

Soul guidance is vital to transforming your life. Your physical spiritual master can guide you. Your spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven can guide you. The Divine can guide you. To move further on your spiritual journey, it is very important for you to be very firm in your heart and mind that you want to be a total GOLD servant. When you make this decision, let no one and no soul influence you. If you do not have a total commitment to serve, it is very hard to move further on your spiritual journey. The Divine needs dedicated pure servants.

In my next few blog postings, I will offer important soul guidance for your spiritual journey by sharing essential teachings on a few key topics.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Friday, January 2, 2015


Dear Ones,

In addition to love, forgiveness is another key to purification and healing. Forgiveness and love are two sides of the same key. You cannot have unconditional love without unconditional
forgiveness. You cannot have unconditional forgiveness without unconditional love. Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Many sicknesses, relationship blockages, financial challenges, and other challenges in life are due to a lack of forgiveness.

Let me give you an example. Say a husband and wife or a girlfriend and boyfriend are upset with each other about something. If the man blames the woman, the woman often fights back. They say unpleasant things to each other. The fighting gets stronger. It seems impossible to find a solution. The conflict could escalate quickly.

If the woman tells the man: Something is wrong with you, the man should really think about it and check himself from the bottom of his heart. If he realizes that he really did something wrong, he should apologize sincerely and ask to be forgiven. If he knows that he did nothing wrong, he should tell his partner: Please calm down. Sometimes there is misunderstanding or miscommunication. If one side is very upset, which is yang, the other side should be calm, or yin. Yin and yang are easy to balance. If both sides took the yang approach, they would bump into each other, making it very hard to be balanced.

To forgive someone is like erasing a whiteboard. The board may be filled with many unpleasant actions, behaviors, words, and thoughts. When you forgive unconditionally, you are erasing the whiteboard. This removes heavy burdens from the other person. Think about a time when you made a mistake and you were forgiven. Maybe you did something wrong as a child. When your mother forgave you with her unconditional mother’s love, didn’t you feel great relief? When you forgive someone, you give that person this gift and blessing. You also receive a great gift and blessing. You may have been really bothered by the other person’s actions or words. You may have had angry thoughts every day about revenge. When you erase the whiteboard, you are erasing this burden for yourself also.

Forgiveness is very important for purification. It is very important for your physical journey and your spiritual journey.

If everyone forgave themselves, many health, relationship, and financial issues would be
solved. If everyone forgave each other—spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, boss, friend, and all kinds of relationships—there would be no fighting. If everyone applied forgiveness in the work environment, there would be harmony in the work environment. If forgiveness was applied between nations, there would be no fighting and no war. World peace could come much faster.

In chapter 5 of Soul Mind Body Medicine, I taught a Universal Meditation practice for cleansing karma by giving forgiveness and receiving forgiveness. This practice is very powerful and life transforming. Let me give you an example:

One of the Divine Healers I trained had a client whose husband left her after twenty years. It was a big shock to her. She had all kinds of emotions, including intense anger. When she was very angry, she had a physical response. Her eyes became very swollen—almost completely closed. Her entire face became swollen. This made her very scared.

She came to my Divine Healer for a soul healing blessing and learned some Soul Mind Body Medicine self-healing techniques for healing and balancing her anger. My Divine Healer also taught her the Universal Meditation for forgiveness.

The client did the practice faithfully. Her co-workers asked her one day what she had been doing because she was so peaceful and calm. They saw a dramatic transformation and had received the benefit of her deep peace and inner joy. They assumed she had been receiving some kind of therapy. It never occurred to them that she was simply practicing forgiveness.

This is just one example of how powerful and life-transforming forgiveness is. There are countless stories. Many books could be written about the power of forgiveness.

Please watch the video and let us practice divine forgiveness together.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha