Monday, November 4, 2013

Soul Healing Miracles and More on Ming Men Fire and Ming Men Water - Master Sha

Remember I said in the teaching of the kundalini or Snow Mountain people visualize the mountain in this area. The sun shines on the snow which is on the mountain. The snow turns to liquid and steam and rises up. The steam nourishes the body.

In Tao teaching they speak of the golden urn. They place special material in the urn and cook. 

Why does Buddhism, Taoism and yogis speak of this area? Harvard University speaks that the Ming Men area is the warehouse of intelligence. There are two invisible holes and energy flows into the holes and flows up through the spinal cord to nourish the brain. Therefore, Harvard University said this area is the warehouse of intelligence. This path is the ancient teaching. The energy flows up to the head and then down to the genital area. This is the sacred path for rejuvenation and longevity.

In traditional Chinese medicine it is called Ming Men area and is divided into Ming Men fire and Ming Men water. Fire is yang nature. Water is yin nature. There are zang organs which are yin organs and fu organs which are yang organs. These organs are interconnected. I gave an example of how to heal constipation by applying the Four Power Techniques.

This program is to offer sacred teaching. This book is called Soul HealingMiracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge and Practical Techniques toheal the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies. I wrote a book called Soul Mind Body Medicine which has over one hundred conditions and how to heal with the Four Power Techniques.

A woman came to me at a workshop. She was holding the book Soul Mind Body Medicine. She had tears in her eyes and said she had healed her cancer by following the methods in the book. There is a four week recovery program for healing cancer. I had not seen this woman before but she practiced very consistently to heal.

I have written many books. You can find them at If you have a problem you can look at the specific page in Soul Mind Body Medicine, practice and heal yourself.

Now place one palm on the navel and one palm on the Ming Men acupuncture point.

This practice is recorded via Livestream – and described on this blog also. You can go back and watch again and again to practice.

Close your eyes. We will practice.
Put your mind on the Ming Men acupuncture point.

Body Power: Place one palm on the navel and one palm on the Ming Men acupuncture point.

Soul Power: Say hello. Say hello is to invoke the soul mind and body for healing. Every organ has a soul mind and body. Every cell has a soul mind and body.

Dear soul mind body of my Ming Men point.
You are the Tao point.
Tao is the Source.
Tao is the way of all life.
Tao is the universal principle and laws.
To develop Tao point power is to develop energy in the whole body.
To concentrate on the Tao point because Tao point connects with the whole body.
We concentrate on the Tao point and it benefits the whole body.

Dear Heaven,
Give your essence to my Tao point.
Dear Mother Earth
Give your essence to my Tao point.
Heaven's essence goes into my body through the crown chakra.
Mother Earth's energy goes up through my feet and legs.
Tian Jing Hua (essence of Heaven)
Di Jing Hua (essence of Mother Earth)


Tian Jing Hua
Pulls into my body
To nourish my Ming Men point

Di Jing Hua
Goes up to my body
To nourish my Ming Men point

Tian Jing Hua
DI Jing Hua
Tian essence and nutrients
Di essence and nutrients

People search for physical nutrients. Heaven and Mother Earth's nutrients are much more special. All of the food and fruit grow in Mother Earth. Mother Earth has the nutrients and essence which can nourish our body and heal our body.

Close your eyes.

Connect with Heaven and Mother Earth.

Dear soul mind body of Heaven
Dear soul mind body of Mother Earth
I love you.
Please give your essence and nutrients to nourish me
Please send your essence and nutrients to my Ming Men point which is the Tao point, the key of all life.

There are countless practices in China, India and all countries. There are so many sacred practices that people where people want to receive the essence and nutrients from Heaven and Mother Earth. In my teaching it is so simple. You have to directly ask. You sit in the workshop and ask the person next to you to borrow a pen and they give it to you.

Heaven says, "I have so many nutrients and you never asked me before. It is not my problem, but your problem." Mother Earth says, "I grow fruit and so many things but you have never asked me." Therefore, the teaching is: It is easy to learn, but the benefits are huge.

You say hello to Heaven and Mother Earth to receive their nutrients and essence and you could benefit in your whole life


  1. Master Sha, your new book, Soul Healing Miracles, is the most powerful book to date - and earlier ones have healed me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The practices from this book that you have been giving us on Livestream and in workshops - these are transforming me even greater than before. I cannot bow down enough in gratitude to you and the Tao and Source. Thank you from my soul.

  2. Dear Master Sha,

    thank you for sharing this powerful teaching and practice with us!

    While practicing I could see nourishment from Heaven coming through my crown chakra, going down to my Ming Men point, and from Mother Earth, coming through my feet moving upwards to my Ming Men point. There both streams started like a whirlwind rotating counterclockwise in my Ming Men point. A lot of liquid came to my mouth. The "whirlwind" in my Ming Men point radiated out throughout my while body to nourish - a very energizing practice!

    I cannot thank you enough for all your teachings, practices and blessings,
    CBDs, CBDs, CBDs!