Monday, December 2, 2013

My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Creating Love Peace and Harmony - By Master Marilyn and Master Patricia

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I love the way Love Peace and Harmony came to humanity through Master Sha. For those of us who know Master Sha it is very special. It would be wonderful for you know him too. The way he received this song will give you a little hint about Master Sha.

Master Sha has a passion for helping others and he works nonstop, yet three students were able to get him to take an afternoon off when he had an office in San Francisco. They went across the bay to Muir Woods. Getting Master Sha to take time off was really amazing. Suffering does not take time off so neither does Master Sha. However instead of making him glum his commitment to service manifests as the deepest joy and gratitude. I don't think I have met a more joyful grateful person.

This is the setting for the afternoon outing.  
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