Sunday, February 23, 2014

Master Francisco and Master David Share Their Calligraphy Experience

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To write this kind of calligraphy, I do not claim. Heaven uses my hand. Hao! Prepare. Now I will put the power in. Everyone put the power in. I will send the Source Order. This is Source Ling Guang Calligraphy. Everyone close your eyes. This is to see a spiritual movie. Close your eyes to see Heaven. See how Heaven functions.

Close your eyes.

The Source Order: Source Ling Guang Calligraphy, Soul Light, Countless saints, Countless Saint’s animals, Countless treasures; All kinds of blessings. All life transformation including to boost energy, stamina, vitality, immunity, heal the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical bodies; prevent all sickness; transform relationships; transform finances and business; increase intelligence; open spiritual channels; bless soul mind body enlightenment; and bring success to every part of life. Huge financial blessing will be put on. Use this treasure to receive financial blessings also.

Watch Heaven. They are ready. I will send an Order with one song and you will see the power. When I send the Order, ask for healing. Silently ask for a healing and a flashlight will come to you.


Wait the power is still coming; the saints, saint’s animals, treasures and all life blessings. Right now only 20% of the treasures are coming in. Now more than 30% of the treasures are coming in. By now 40% of the treasures have come in. This Source Ling Guang Calligraphy has become The Source carrier on Mother Earth. It is like the hall carries 250 people. This calligraphy carries countless saints, saint’s animals and treasures to offer blessings to transform all life. There are 60% of the treasures. By now 70% of the treasures have come in. Now 80%, 90% and 100% of the treasures are now in.

Tell me how many people feel hot? Almost everyone feels hot.

Now Master Francisco and Master David share.  What did you see when I wrote?

MASTER FRANCISCO: As Master Sha began to write the calligraphy up here it was like he was writing into the Akashic Record. With every stroke of the brush it was writing in Akashic Records the type of blessing within the calligraphy. It was like a Source calling and Source Order that was preparing Heaven to put all of the power within it. It was like fire in Akashic Records. When Master Sha gave the blessing there was an explosion of light. Then as Master Sha said 30% of the power increased, the different realms of the universe and saints from Source would come in. Every type of heaven’s animals came in. The whole scroll is filled with golden coins. It is filled with Buddha’s and when you are sitting here they are chanting for you. You just sit in front and they are chanting for you. There are countless numbers.

I see Heaven’s choir and music. It is like Source heaven is here. It is a very high level of heaven. The Akashic Records is within here. Just to sit in the presence your Akashic Record is being transformed. It is all happening at the same time. Humanity is blessed. Berlin is blessed. Europe is blessed. Thank you Master Sha.

MASTER DAVID: I saw that Master Sha’s frequency shifted in one second. The Source within Master Sha delivered message in the scroll. This is actually what I would call a Kai Guang just from him writing it. He had the intention with heart, mind, and soul that he was preparing something sacred. The whole page turned to total light.

When Master Sha prepared the Order his body turned to Hun Dun. Out of this Source, through his fa qi, the transmission, even before the saints were coming out, the animals, and treasures were coming before the Order. They were waiting for it. When Master Sha said “transmission,” all of this light went into it. The saints were walking into it. The dragons were flying into it.

It was like watching a sci-fi movie and there was a gateway. There is a leader and temple inside. There are so many saints and heaven’s animals, and treasures. Every part of this is enlightened. The soul of the paper had very little light. The paper has a higher soul standing than those in the room.

What this is, it contains sacred wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques. In the immortal Tao text it speaks of watching heaven’s movies. That is why I say Master Sha is living the Tao text. We read the Tao Jin and Immortal Tao Classic as something already created. It is. Master Sha is creating this text. This text is the map way of how the Soul Light Era will unfold.

We know the end result but always don’t know the process. Watch heaven’s movies. How do you do that? Then a couple years later Master Sha receives calligraphy power. Then people will sit in front and we don’t always know how the text will manifest, but this is part of the Immortal Tao Classic, as you watch you will see a movie within your spiritual Third Eye.

Now people are learning the Immortal Tao text. You are living it. You are becoming it. You are melding with it. It is not only chanting, but Master Sha is giving another avenue to reach immortality. Hao!

With Love and Blessings,

Master Sha

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