Thursday, March 6, 2014

Humanity Is Blessed: Created a Program to Remove Education Karma From Children.

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MASTER PETER:  translation of special Order sent by Master Sha
Now I will create a program to remove education karma from children. This is so important for children.

Humanity is blessed. We are all blessed.

This is Wu Ji Da Tao Committee Order. This Order is to all souls of humanity, all souls in all universes, in Tao and Source levels, educational department, buddhas, saints of wisdom and knowledge, all committees and heaven’s generals and soldiers supporting Master Sha. All open the hearts and souls to this opportunity which will move humanity higher in heart and consciousness. Open all media, websites and all teams on physical level to promote new initiative. The heavenly bank released appropriate virtue to support this new project. All souls have to support. This Order will reach all levels of heaven in eight hours.

Humanity consciousness and heart are polluted. Humanity came to the state of no return is on path of destruction; so much pollution from economy, so much sickness, so much anger and other dark emotions. Humans cannot find solutions would eventually destroy themselves.

The Soul Light Era brings new consciousness to humanity. The Soul Light Era will bring liberation and freedom to all who turn their hearts to divine. The new generation of thinkers who will lead humanity through wisdom is necessary to work together with soul leaders who Master Sha is already training.

It will be a new team for children as karma of education is removed and whose consciousness is open to light and who will through this special service will bring heaven’s idea to all aspects of human’s activity to business, science, politics and more. This team will work with soul team who Master Sha is training like a yin yang team together to help humanity through the transition time and start the Soul Light Era together.

This is the historical moment for humanity and all souls in all universes. Master Sha will continue to further expand this system, to educate and offer this not only for the children, but for adults in different subjects and offered to saints in heaven and all committees. All always have to study; not only the children but saints also. The Divine Channels will especially benefit from this the most. They have to learn and progress fast to help humanity. Master Sha will now introduce a very new system which all souls in all universes will benefit highly.

Really love everyone.

With Love and Blessings,

Master Sha

Love Peace Harmony Movement

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  1. Incredible --- such love - such devotion - such compassion - such light and so much more that words cannot even start to explain or comprehend. All i have is a humbled and grateful heart filled with Love for Master Sha -- Thank you Master Sha --