Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chant Da Kuan Shu, Greatest Forgiveness

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Today we will use the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Kuan Shu and chant Da Kuan Shu, Greatest Forgiveness. Starting from today we will Soul Healing Miracles for a Loving Relationship. This is not only for Valentine’s Day but every day we need love. It is important to forgive one another. We will do the Four Power Techniques.

Body Power means to use hands and body positions to receive the healing. Place the book and the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy, Da Kuan Shu on your body.
Next is Soul Power. Soul Power is to say hello to inner souls and outer souls. We will say hello to the heart.

Everyone think about your loved ones, such as your husband and wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partners, and more. Love is the most important thing for everyone’s life. This one-half hour practice is forever. Think about your loved ones. Think about anyone that you love. You may have some experience that you feel hurt with your partner, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or more. You may have a lack of love. You may have given love and not received it back.

There may be soul blockages which are negative karma.
Mind blockages are negative mind-sets, negative beliefs, negative attitudes, ego, and attachments.
Body blockages are energy and matter blockages.

Now I will sing a Source Song for you. Close your eyes. We will continue with love and forgiveness. Continue to place your attention on your heart.

I want everyone to know, Da Ai – greatest love and Da Kuan Shu – greatest forgiveness; and tomorrow we could do Da Ci Bei – greatest compassion and then the next day Da Guang Ming – greatest light are one.

If you have greatest love you will have greatest forgiveness, compassion and light. If you have greatest forgiveness you will have greatest love, compassion and light. They are four but they are one.

The group sings Source Song offering blessing.

This is Wu Ji Da Tao Committee Order. This Order is to all souls of humanity, all souls in all universes, in Tao and Source levels, educational department, buddhas, saints of wisdom and knowledge, all committees and heaven’s generals and soldiers supporting Master Sha. All open the hearts and souls to this opportunity which will move humanity higher in heart and consciousness. Open all media, websites and all teams on physical level to promote new initiative. The heavenly bank released appropriate virtue to support this new project. All souls have to support. This Order will reach all levels of heaven in eight hours.

With Love and Blessings

Master Sha

Love Peace Harmony Movement

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