Monday, April 14, 2014

Soul Enlightenment

Master Sha wearing suite giving blessing in Berlin

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“Fuo Guang” is buddha’s light. “Ling Guang” is soul light. Soul Healing Miracles is  soul light.

I have offered soul enlightenment for ten years. Not so long ago, I offered soul enlightenment to about five to six thousand people around the world. People applied for their parents, grandparents and loved ones who have transitioned to receive this great honor. I have enlightened their soul. To enlighten the soul is to uplift the soul to a saint’s realm in Heaven. Who is uplifting them? Our beloved Divine is uplifting the soul. The Source uplifts the soul.

The Divine chose me as a servant of humanity and the Divine in 2003. The Divine gave me the honor to offer soul enlightenment to uplift the soul. The Source came to me in 2008. The Source chose me as a servant of humanity and The Source. I was given the honor to offer Source Enlightenment.

In the beginning, I was given the honor to offer three hundred to five hundred lifetimes of virtue. Virtue is spiritual currency. Virtue is a spiritual reward for good service. Virtue is a spiritual record. In Mother Earth, when you work for a company, you receive a salary at the end of the month. A salary is the payment and appreciation for your work.

In the spiritual world you serve others. To serve is to make others happier and healthier. When you serve The Divine, The Source gives you a spiritual payment that is recorded in your Akashic Record book. It is like a person receiving a salary in Mother Earth. The spiritual payment is expressed in Heaven with flowers that are golden, rainbow, purple, crystal, white, as well as invisible flowers. When a person serves, Heaven gives virtue through the beautiful flowers.

In 2003, The Divine asked me to offer three hundred lifetimes of virtue. We are supposed to serve for three hundred lifetimes to receive this kind of reward. I do not think any company on Mother Earth can pay you one year’s salary before you actually start working. It is the same in the spiritual world. You serve one lifetime and you receive one lifetime of virtue.

Why is soul enlightenment happening? It is because of Mother Earth’s transition. There are more natural disasters and challenges than ever before. I do not think the world will end, but I totally believe Mother Earth and humanity are going through further challenges in the next ten to fifteen years. I wish for humanity to be awakened. We have to serve others. We have to create a Love Peace Harmony World Family.

Starting in 2003 till now, I have offered soul enlightenment. This is the last year to offer soul enlightenment. For more information, you are encouraged to go to In The Power of Soul, my authority book from the Soul Power Series, there is a chapter on soul enlightenment. Why has the Divine offered soul enlightenment and given virtue to thousands of people before they served?

Mother Earth is going through serious challenges. The Divine and Heaven need pure servants. They need saint servants to help humanity pass through this difficult time.


Love you. Love you. Love you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Master Sha

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