Thursday, May 22, 2014

Soul Song and Soul Dance—Practical Soul Treasures for Healing and Transformation

Very Special Invitation:  Master Sha invites you to participate in The Source Soul Song and The Source Soul Dance Training in Toronto on June 13-19. Join Master Sha and his Divine Channels for this very special event. Apply for certification as a Tao Song and Tao Dance Soul Healer with advanced soul healing, blessing and transformation abilities. Register now! Early bird honor fee held until 6/1.



Soul Song and Soul Dance are major healing gifts the Divine has given humanity at this time. Practicing Soul Song and Soul Dance can accelerate and enhance your healing and transformation beyond imagination.

Soul Language is the language of the Soul World and of your soul. It does not sound like ordinary language. It is a very pure and direct connection with the Divine and the Soul World. Since everyone and everything has a soul, Soul Language is a truly universal language.

Soul Song is the song of your soul. It is your Soul Language expressed in melody. Soul Language and Soul Song are both powerful healing tools, but Soul Song carries an even higher frequency and vibration than Soul Language.

The message of Soul Song is: 

I have the power to sing Soul Song.
You have the power to sing Soul Song.
Together, we have the power to sing Soul Song
with the souls of all humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

It will be a beautiful choir of healing and blessing.

Soul Dance is another special gift from the Divine at this time.  The one-sentence secret about Soul Dance is: Soul Dance is soul-guided dance. Your soul will guide your body to move in specific ways that are needed to remove blockages and to boost energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. Soul Song and Soul Dance are major self-healing treasures. Your Soul Song and Soul Dance can heal, rejuvenate, and transform every aspect of your being.

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