Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Five Elements (Part II) - The Five Elements Relationships


The Five Elements have the following relationships:
● Generating
● Controlling
● Over-controlling
● Reverse controlling

The Generating Relationship can be understood as the mother-son relationship.
The mother gives birth to the son; feeds the son. The mother generates and nourishes the son. There are five mother-son pairs within the Five Elements:

● Wood generates (mother of) Fire.
● Fire generates Earth.
● Earth generates Metal.
● Metal generates Water.
● Water generates Wood.

These relationships can be seen in the natural world, where wood ignites to start a fire, a fire produces ash, earth can be mined for metal, metal caries water (as in a bucket or pipe), and plants grow from spring rain.  Applying this to the organs of the body, a healthy mother organ nourishes the son organ. Therefore, a liver (Wood element) with balanced soul, energy, and matter (shen qi jing) and without blockages will fully nourish the soul, energy, and matter of the heart (Fire element).

In the same way, a healthy heart will nourish the spleen (Earth element); a healthy spleen will nourish the lungs (Metal element); healthy lungs will nourish the kidneys (Water element); and healthy kidneys will nourish the liver (Wood element). The Generating or mother-son relationships among the Five Elements are extremely important.

The Controlling Relationship shows the order of dominance or control among the Five Elements:

● Wood controls Earth.
● Earth controls Water.
● Water controls Fire.
● Fire controls Metal.
● Metal controls Wood.

In the natural world, wood draws nutrients from earth, earth produces water, water puts out fire, and fire melts metal, metal chops wood.

The Over-Controlling and Reverse Controlling relationships are unbalanced relationships that can be used to describe and explain conditions in the organs of the body. These relationships and conditions are caused by soul mind body or message energy matter blockages.

The Five Element theory can be used to guide us on how to balance the physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body. It can be applied to balance nature. It can help balance planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

In next week’s blog I will teach “The Power and Significance of the new Source Mantras”.

With Love and Blessings,
Master Sha

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