Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Power and Significance of the new Source Mantras.

 A mantra is a special sound and message that the Divine, Tao, buddhas, saints, gurus, and other kinds of spiritual fathers and mothers created in their spiritual and energy practice for transforming all life. When a mantra is chanted repeatedly, transformation occurs.
In my book “Soul Healing Miracles” (pgs 143-173) I share with you three powerful new The Source created mantras that I received directly from The Source. I am so honored. I want to share and emphasize a major spiritual secret. When you chant a mantra, please do forgiveness Practice at the same time.

The Power and significance of the new Source mantras, Tao Guang Zha Shan (The Source light explodes and vibrates), Hei Heng Hong Ha (The Source special mantra for Zhong), and Guang Liang Hao Mei (light, transparency, get well, inner and outer beauty can be summarized as follows:

These mantras carry The Source frequency and vibration with Source live, forgiveness, compassion, and light that could remove soul mind and body blockages of sickness to heal the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

These mantras carry The Source field of Source jing qi shen that can transform the jing qi shen of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

These mantras carry the power of The Source to empower everyone to boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.

These mantras carry The Source abilities to transform all life, including transforming relationships, finances, business, intelligence, and every aspect of life.

The Soul Light Era started on August 8, 2003. It will last fifteen thousand years. It is now July of 2014. The Soul Light Era is eleven years old.  The three new Source mantras can serve billions of people in the Soul Light Era by empowering them to create their own soul healing miracles to transform all life.

We are extremely honored.
We are extremely blessed.

Next week’s blog: I will teach “The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Huan Shu- Greatest Forgiveness”.

With Love and Blessings,

Master Sha

PS: Love Peace and Harmony Movement
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