Friday, January 16, 2015

Tao Wisdom and Tao Secrets to Pass Difficult Spiritual Test on the Spiritual Path.

Tao Wisdom and Tao Secrets to Pass Difficult Spiritual Test on the Spiritual Path.

Dear Ones,

Tao Wisdom, and Tao Secrets, to Pass, Difficult, Spiritual Test, on the Spiritual Path.Heal, Love, Master Sha,
Tao Wisdom and Tao Secrets to Pass Difficult
Spiritual Test on the Spiritual Path.
The most important secret for passing spiritual testing is that you must have a very firm desire in your heart and mind. I want to serve humanity. I want to give my love, care, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, and purity to others. I am committed to being a servant of humanity. You should never think, “I give others too much.” You should never think, “Why did I go out of my way to help? I must have gotten lost.” After all, what is unconditional universal service? It is to serve without conditions. It is to serve without expectations. If you have this firm heart, you will be solid. No loving action is wasted. No forgiving action is wasted. No compassionate action is wasted. No service to others and humanity is wasted. The more you serve, the faster you will grow on your spiritual journey. You will overcome any challenges and pass any spiritual testing.

The second secret for passing spiritual testing is that you must chant divine mantras. Two divine mantras are vital to help you pass spiritual testing. One is “Love, Peace and Harmony”. The other is “God Gives His Heart to Me”. Any moment you feel challenged, any moment you feel emotional, any moment you doubt, any moment you feel strange, chant one of these divine mantras right away. Your thoughts and feelings will transform right away.

Remember, this is your spiritual journey. Nobody else can do it for you. You are in charge of your own spiritual journey. Of course, when you are struggling, it is very important to contact your
 spiritual teacher and the advanced spiritual beings whom you trust to give you guidance. Their help is vital to transforming your spiritual journey.

The third secret for passing spiritual testing is to have a regular spiritual practice. I suggest singing a Soul Song as many times per day as you can for as long as you can. Soul Song carries a soul healing wave. It carries love, care, and compassion. Soul Song is a spiritual calling, a treasure for the spiritual world. The moment you sing a Soul Song, you will receive a great response from the spiritual teachers and guides in Heaven. When they come, they know your struggle right away. They will send love and light instantly to transform your dark thoughts or behavior. Immediately, your spiritual journey will align with the divine path again.
I have personally sung many Soul Songs for my students and other individuals worldwide to bless their spiritual journeys and their healing, blessing, and life transformation. I welcome you to listen to my Soul Songs. They carry divine love and light to serve you.

The fourth secret for passing spiritual testing is to be grateful for the tests. Testing is a gift from the Divine and your spiritual fathers and mothers. Testing gives you the opportunity to eliminate your weaknesses and to replace darkness with love and light. Without testing, how could you purify your soul, heart, mind, and body? Without testing, how can the Divine know you are a total GOLD, unconditional universal servant? The only appropriate response to testing is thank you.

If you follow these four pieces of soul guidance,
it will absolutely help your spiritual journey.
I wish your spiritual journey will move higher and higher.
Pass spiritual testing.
Uplift your spiritual standing.
Finally, your soul can reach the divine realm.

I have included a video of Master Marilyn giving a teaching on how to pass spiritual testing. She is the expert on spiritual testing. You can learn a lot from her. Here is the link to the second video, Part 2. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Tao Wisdom, and Tao Secrets, to Pass, Difficult, Spiritual Test, on the Spiritual Path.Heal, Love, Master Sha, 


  1. Dear My Spiritual Father and Teacher, Your words always uplift my soul and heart. You remind me that the sacred secrets are very simple to do. Chant, because what you chant is what you become. Forgiveness practice: because it brings inner peace and inner joy, not only to my soul but to others as well. Service: when you serve from a place of love, all is well/smooth in your life. Your Soul is happy, "Soul is Boss". TYTYTY love you Master Sha. No words express my gratitude. I will serve. Love everyone.

  2. i am very Grateful Beloved Master Sha for the teaching here on passing spiritual testing...and sharing this video of Dear Master Marilyn on passing spiritual heart is very touched and i feel three years ago i was new to the teachings and was experiencing sensations i guessed were spiritual testing and i went to youtube to seek help...and this is the very video i found...and felt greatly comforted...then doing the practice..shifted the sensations and i could then sleep...we are sooo very Blessed for All you make available to and for us Beloved Master Sha, i can never Thank you enough for awakening me to my Spiritual Journey and gifting us with sooo many tools to help us on our way...CBDs,CBDs,CBDs,Ty,Ty,Ty,LY,LY,LY ... Da Gan En...CBDs...

  3. I find the light and love back I was totally lost! I'm so greatful and thankful Ty Ty ty ly ly ly my dear beloved Master SHA

  4. Thank you Master Sha for this priceless wisdom and guidance on spiritual testing. You have helped me on my spiritual journey beyond words and comprehension. Thank you for this opportunity to move forward on my spiritual journey and become a better servant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. tytyty lylyly