Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Transform Ego With Gratitude

Dear Ones,

Gratitude is extremely important on the spiritual journey.

The more we offer gratitude from the heart, the faster we can receive soul healing miracles.  Your gratitude moves Heaven. Very important wisdom is to send your greatest gratitude to the souls you invoke when you do spiritual practice. They will be moved by your great love, sincerity and gratitude.

On one’s spiritual journey, ego is a major blockage. I have taught thousands of spiritual seekers in the last few years. I trained them to open their spiritual channels. When they can talk with the Divine to receive divine guidance, and when they can offer divine healing with great results, it is easy for them to have ego because they feel they are special.

In the physical world, the most successful people in every profession generally have worked hard to attain their success. They have done serious study, research, practice, creation, and manifestation. They then make major contributions in their fields and receive great respect from society and from people worldwide. Such people could also think they are special and easily gain ego if they do not have a pure soul, heart, and mind. When you are successful, it is easy to have ego. Ego is a very common issue for humanity.

In fact, successful people are special. But if you have achieved success in any aspect of your profession or life, do not forget that the path to your success has received guidance from the spiritual world and blessings from Heaven and the Divine. Remember also all the people who worked with you and all the people around you. Their support and their contributions also helped make you successful.

Think about it. Without the inspiration and blessings from the spiritual world, Heaven, and the Divine, without the support and contributions from the people you work with, could you have attained the success you have? If you have total gratitude to Heaven and to all the teachers and other people who prepared you in every aspect of your life to become special, then you will feel humble.

What you have achieved is special, but it could be much better. There are countless wisdoms and unlimited abilities in the universe. Regardless of how successful you are, you definitely can do much better. If you hold this kind of attitude with humbleness and gratitude, you will prevent ego and remove the ego you have.

Think about five thousand years of recorded history. Every path of human life has developed step by step up to now. Science is still developing. Human wisdom is still developing. Human intelligence is still developing. Human abilities to create and manifest are developing. Every aspect of life is developing and can develop further. Ego will block your development. Removing ego is vital for improving every aspect of your life. When you have ego on your spiritual journey, the uplifting of your spiritual standing will be blocked. Your progress in gaining higher spiritual abilities will also be blocked. 

I cannot emphasize enough: Show your greatest gratitude for the Divine’s guidance, nourishment, and blessing for your life. I have no words to express my greatest gratitude to the Divine and Tao.


I give my love, my heart, and my service to you unconditionally.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. Dear Master Sha, all layers of Source Tao and Divine, thank you for sharing this profound wisdom. I experienced so many times how succes and ego happen at the time.This teaching and blessing will definitely help me to become a more humble servant. Thank you from my Heart and Soul. Cbd, Cbd, Cbd. Bright

  2. Thank you Master Sha for sharing this wisdom and helping me on my soul journey. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my loved ones. Love you love you love you <3

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  4. TY beloved Master Sha for giving your life in service for us and all souls. I'm on my way home from the Tao V-VI Retreats in Honolulu (in Seattle airport). I'm reflecting on all that occurred and what I experienced there. My heart opened to you more. I'm seeing the depth of your love and gratitude for everything. I'm hoping I can one day have no ego. I will practice gratitude with the greatest gratitude in my heart and soul. CBD CBD CBD

  5. Thank you Master Sha for this heart opening teaching! Just reading I felt my heart open more and more. A deeper understanding set in. We cannot thank you enough!

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