Friday, March 25, 2016

Greatest Forgiveness

Dear Ones,

“Da” means greatest. “Kuan Shu” means forgiveness. “Da Kuan Shu” (pronounced dah kwahn shoo) means greatest forgiveness.

Millions of people have heard or read about the healing abilities of Jesus. When Jesus said, “You are forgiven,” miracle healing happened. Jesus offered divine forgiveness. In my personal opinion, Jesus offered Divine Karma Cleansing when he said, “You are forgiven.”

Human beings have made mistakes in all lifetimes, including killing, harming, taking advantage of others, stealing, lying, cheating, and more. In some spiritual teachings throughout, this has been known as “sin.” To be forgiven is to be forgiven for one’s sins from this lifetime and past lifetimes. It is different terminology, but it is karma cleansing.

Master Peter Hudoba, one of my top teachers, Disciples, and Worldwide Representatives, shares his story:

I met Master Sha for the first time on October 14, 2000.
I was solemnly quiet on the ride from the airport to his house. After some initial brief exchanges upon my arrival, we settled down in his living room to have a cup of tea.
Master Sha asked me, “Why did you come to see me?”
I answered, “Master Sha, there is some evil force that is destroying my life.”
Master Sha’s reply was very short: “There is no evil force; it is you. It is your karma; the result of your past life mistakes that keep coming back to you.”
I understood. I asked Master Sha, “What can I do to dissolve this karma?”
He replied, “Ask God to forgive you.”
That seemed too simple to me. From my years of Buddhist studies I knew what karma was. I also knew that millions of monks spent their whole lives in monasteries practicing daily to clear their negative karma, and still could not succeed.
I thought, “How could simply asking God to forgive me be enough?”
Yet, deep inside, I had deep reverence for Master Sha and I remembered his advice very well. And when the appropriate time came and I had reached that special state of being totally sorry for all that I had ever done wrong, I asked God to forgive me.
It was then that the issues that had been blocking me for so long began to dissolve.
I am so grateful in my heart to Master Sha and Heaven.

In the last few years I have offered one of the most important and powerful teachings. This teaching is Forgiveness Practice. Doing Forgiveness Practice regularly is vital to transform blockages, including issues with health, emotions, relation­ships, finances, business, and much more. How does it work? Negative karma is the soul’s record of unpleasant services from all lifetimes, current and past. Forgiveness Practice is key to self-clearing karma to remove blockages in every aspect of life.

I will share with you a heart-touching story about Forgiveness Practice.

In 2012 I was in Frankfurt, Germany. I held a meeting with a few of my top students in Europe. They sincerely did Forgiveness Practice with one another. Each one faced another, looked into each other’s eyes, sincerely asked for forgiveness from, and offered unconditional forgive­ness to, the other. They also asked Heaven, the Divine, and The Source, as well as any souls they or their ancestors had harmed in any lifetime, to forgive them. In addition, they offered unconditional forgiveness to all souls who had harmed their ancestors and them in this lifetime and past lifetimes. Everyone was deeply touched and moved by this practice.

I did a spiritual reading with Heaven and was extremely surprised by the impact this practice had. It was so powerful. Thirty percent of the relationship karma among them from all lifetimes was cleared just by doing this sincere Forgiveness Practice. The students were very touched, and understood deeply the power of forgiveness and the importance of Forgiveness Practice.

In my teaching, forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. I strongly encourage you to do regular Forgiveness Practice to transform every aspect of life.


Be with me tomorrow, March 26, for my Open Your Heart and Soul Meditation Series with Master Sha: Greatest Forgiveness. Call your friends and loved ones to join this special event. You know my heart. I cannot wait to serve you. Everyone will be beyond blessed. Do not miss!

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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