Monday, April 4, 2016

Mother Mary and Jesus' Blessings

Dear Ones,

Last week we had hundreds of people register for Mother Mary and Jesus' Crown Chakra Blessings. This week, Master Maya and Master Francisco offered the blessings for 356 recipients. We had 25 people who registered for their 14 ancestors to receive the blessings. Up to now, about 800 people have registered for Jesus and Mother Mary Crown Chakra Blessings.

In Mother Earth’s critical and historical period, we have global warming. In spiritual wisdom, Mother Earth’s transition is related with the negative karma of humanity. Therefore, major Mother Earth’s disasters could happen in the next few years. It could be very soon. We have to be very alert. We have to be awakened enough.

Many are receiving Divine Healing Hands this coming weekend. Why do you need Divine Healing Hands? God gives you his soul hands. You can turn on God’s hands, and at Mother Earth’s critical time you could save people’s lives. You can save the life of you, your family members, and your loved ones.

You are learning Tao calligraphy. You are gaining the Creator power to save people’s lives—to help humanity pass this difficult time. I did a Tao calligraphy 3-hour teaching last Saturday. This coming week we have Global Divine Healing Hands Training.

Mother Mary and Jesus Crown Chakra Blessings is a life-saving service. Mother Mary and beloved Jesus’ soul offers the blessings through Master Maya and Master Francisco. You can register for yourself, your ancestors and your loved ones. Some of them are in Heaven. Regardless, as long as you registered them, Jesus and Mother Mary’s soul will subdivide to anyone who is registered. Master David received Mother Mary and Jesus’ blessing last week. He’s one of my top teachers. He can see very well with his Third Eye. It doesn’t matter if you can see; you could feel in your heart Mother Mary and Jesus touch your crown chakra. If your Third Eye is open, you could be “Wow! Wow!” because you saw Jesus and Mother Mary, you saw God, so many holy saints, plus buddhas. When this formal crown chakra blessing is offered, so many saints are there to assist.

Before Master Maya offered the blessings last Sunday, she shared the following:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Master Sha; thank you for coming on line to be with us. Today, because I know it’s becoming more and more rare, I would like to express my deepest, deepest gratitude to you and to all that you have brought to humanity. To be in the presence of a spiritual father, a spiritual teacher, is very, very rare. To be in the presence of a true spiritual master is even more rare. To be able to receive divine blessings and divine healing is not common on Mother Earth. And to receive the opportunity like this—for us, for all the students, for all the spiritual seekers—it’s very important to understand how significant it is to be in the presence of Master Sha whenever we can. And, if you are not able to be at a workshop or at an event, you can read the books, watch the videos. There are so many incredible Videos On Demand, which are on the website, where Master Sha teaches and blesses. Mother Earth is going through the most intensive period, and the more we do this, the more we become a channel for Heaven to come to earth. And we bless not only ourselves—when we receive a healing, a transmission, a blessing—we become that light for those around us, for humanity, for our country, for the place in which we live. So I would just like to express my deepest gratitude, Master Sha, that you have opened your heart, you have given your life, to be with us. It is so very, very special. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mother Mary and Jesus represent Divine and countless Divine committees. Remember, when Jesus said “You are forgiven,” miracles happened because Jesus offered divine blessings. So therefore, Mother Mary also represents Divine, countless Divine committees and Tao committees. Do not only think of Jesus and Mother Mary alone. There are so many holy saints, buddhas, because they all support each other. Their light comes to our liver, heart, kidneys, etc., from head-to-toe and skin-to-bone. This is a blessing for your whole life. They are removing partial soul mind body blockages. Even partial removal of soul mind body blockages is beyond comprehension.

On Sunday, Heaven told me that every recipient—unless they are already in the spiritual world and not in the physical form anymore—every recipient for Mother Mary and Jesus Crown Chakra Blessing has received one—even two times—life-saving service. What does this mean? In a few years, Mother Earth’s transition, with all kinds of natural disasters—earthquakes, floods, all kinds of communicable diseases, war…. all kinds of disasters—could affect our life. So, because this blessing could give one or two-time saving of our physical life, that is very significant.

Also, for healing, Jesus’ and Mother Mary’s jing qi shen are put in to our major organs. For example, some people—you could have a heart attack, you could get brain bleeding, you could have a car accident—this blessing could remove those blockages. Each registered one has received one or two times life-saving blessing. Therefore, I said two weeks ago how it is so important to receive this; and now, in total, 771 people have received. We have a little more time—one or two more weeks. Make sure you do not miss. This is over-generous—a major treasure for transforming all life.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha