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Petra Shares her Divine Healing Hands Stories

263116778340261d145e17c94b97c320I would like to share a few wonderful Divine Healing Hands stories. I will start one of the most important Divine Healing Hands stories. I was with a woman and her son was challenged. He suffered from epileptic seizures. I asked the mother if I could give the son a Divine Healing Hands blessing.

She was delighted and said, “Yes.” I offered the blessing with Divine Healing Hands. The mother called me three months later and said from the moment I offered the Divine Healing Hands blessing he had not had one epileptic seizure.] I am a health practitioner myself. I know how difficult it is to tackle OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). My doctor confirmed this. OCD cannot be treated by any modality that is not holistic. I know how difficult it is and it is the same for epilepsy. This shows the incredible power of Divine Healing Hands and I am very grateful to Divine Healing Hands and you, Master Sha.

The second stunning experience was given to a young girl. She was sick with bedwetting in the night. The girl was seven years old and suffered for sometime. I asked the mother if I could offer her daughter a blessing and she said, “yes.” I gave a remote blessing and I had not seen the girl after her birth. I gave remote blessing and everything stopped after this.

A very good friend of mine suffered from chronic headaches. This blessing took place shortly after I received Divine Healing Hands. I offered a blessing to her and the chronic headaches have disappeared ever since.

There was another blessing for two boys aged 17 and 19. They are allergic to pollen. They also received soul-healing blessings with Divine Healing Hands. That was in February of this year. There have been no more complaints and issues regarding pollen since then.

I have many of these stories and I could keep on and on forever. I want to mention a healing blessing for business. A friend of mine has a little shop. People frequent it and she sells clothing. All of a sudden she called and said that no one had come to the shop or looked in the windows for ten days. She asked if I could help her. I told her I could give a blessing with Divine Healing Hands. I went to her shop at 8 am and sat down and offered a one-hour soul healing blessing for the business. I left and came back at noon and the shop was full. There again everything is fine.

We are a group of Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers. I could share in this group I saw a lot of dark energies within the shop and outside of the shop. When I offered the healing to the shop the dark energies left.

I have given blessings for depression. The depression dissipated. The person who suffered from depression received beautiful images like meadows with flowers, flowers coming from Heaven and other beautiful images.

I also gave a blessing for a lady who suffered from anxiety as it was up for auction. She told me the story about her anxiety on a Wednesday and her home would go up for auction on that Friday. She is a real devout Catholic. Nevertheless I asked if she wanted a soul-healing blessing for her issue. She said “yes.” I told her to see what will happen. I asked her to call me when something did happen, as well as call me if she needed more help. On Wednesday morning she received the blessing and Friday morning the house was put up for auction. She went home to Munich. She went to a local pub to work, like a small hotel. The landlord approached her and said, “Please do sit down. I heard about your problems. I will purchase your home. You can live there until you transition. I know you have very little money.” I know the Divine was working through him.

I also gave blessings for relationships and couples came back together again. I gave healing blessings to pets like rabbits who did not eat anymore, and once they received the blessing they started to eat again. There were pets who were losing hair and it grew back again.

The final is about a soul-healing blessing I gave last week. There is a small town in Bulvaria. There was a young family there. They had a little baby who was about three months old. She could not sleep during the night for the last few weeks. I checked the room. We collected all measurements and data. I asked the mother if I could offer her daughter a Divine Healing Hands blessing. She said, “yes.” I gave the blessing to the daughter and her eyes changed immediately. The mother noticed immediately and said, “Her eyes are getting brighter and look different.” I was aware of the dark energies around and in the little girl. The mother told me that even if the girl was not crying she was afraid to even check on her, because something was around the girl that made her afraid. After the blessing the girl was completely relaxed and fell asleep easily. the father of the baby called me the next day and said that the girl finally fell asleep for the first time in three months.

I also offer Divine Healing Hands on the bus and am approached also by people for a healing blessing. People approach me publicly whether on the bus or on the street. A woman who is sensitive to weather conditions approached me in the summer. She told me that she had a feeling she could talk about her problems and that I could help her. I invited her to my home and gave a soul-healing blessing for her issues. Her conditions improved a lot. Even if I have cases with people who have chronic conditions like knee pain it does not change instantly. I show them the teachings and techniques according to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. I do a follow-up blessing and after weeks or months I receive a call that the pain is gone.

I have given a lot of blessings and very grateful beyond words. I am grateful to have Divine Healing Hands through Master Sha and that we can help people around us with many conditions.

With Love and Blessings

Love Peace Harmony Movement

Petra Shares her Divine Healing Hands Stories

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