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Ming Men: Kundalini Acupuncture Point

mshaWhere I am I will serve. It is just like a workshop. Now in my new teaching in this book, Soul Healing Miracles, there is the Source meditation. There are millions of meditations. There are countless ways to meditate. This Source Meditation is to share with humanity that we meditate in one acupuncture point called the Ming Men. Ming literally means life. Men literally means gate.

Millions of people know about the kundalini. Kundalini is in front of the tailbone. Ming Men acupuncture point is the core of the kundalini. Why is the kundalini important? There is an invisible hole in the tailbone, either one or two. The energy from the invisible holes flows inside of the spinal cord to the brain. Everybody write down that this is the sacred matter circle.

In ancient time, there is a major sacred teaching. In this Tao I book from the Soul Power Series there are seventy-five Tao Classic sacred phrases. I will share a few sacred phrases. The kidneys are here.

The kidneys in Chinese are called shen. Shen Sheng Jing. Sheng means create.

Repeat after me. Shen Sheng Jing

I am teaching Tao sacred practice, sacred wisdom.  From ancient time in China this is a little lesson here. Master Kirsten has a big job. She has to make sure to translate Tao I in German. She has translated a lot of books. Give her a big hand. Good.

Repeat and follow: Shen Sheng Jing

This means kidneys produce jing. There are two types of jing which is narrow concept of jing. This is the man’s sperm. The wider jing concept is the essence of life. This is also jing. 

In China they did research on so many emperors. The result is that the average age is about thirty-six. One of the major reasons the emperors did not live long is because they lost so much sperm. In the western world people think that sperm is a little liquid and protein; and that it is nothing. In ancient spiritual teaching sperm is vitally important for life. Kidneys play such an important role: kidneys produce narrow jing and life essence jing.

Jing Sheng Sui goes up. Sui means bone marrow.

Shen Sheng Jing

The jing goes through hole into the spinal cord and goes up.

Follow: Jing Sheng Sui

Next one and it is all in Tao I.

Sui Chong Nao

Sui means bone marrow. Chong means to fulfill. The bone marrow fulfills the energy and nourishes the brain. Kidneys produce jing and it flows into the spinal cord. Then it flows up to the spinal cord to nourish the brain.

Sheng Ming means enlightenment. Milions of seniors have poor memory; Alzheimer’s and cannot think properly. Therefore, to make your mind very clear and have a very good memory the kundalini and kidneys are the key.

I share these four sacred phrases that this is from five thousand years ago where they realized the sacred path.

With Love and Blessings
Master Sha
Love Peace Harmony Movement

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