Monday, December 30, 2013

The Open Spiritual Channels Workshop Experience

f49e5ea89d421d890eab554a0893c1c9Heaven comes to Mother Earth. This is Heaven coming to Mother Earth. If you go to you can see hundreds of thousands of soul healing miracles. Every day there are soul-healing miracles. Divine treasures if you receive, you will turn on.

Harriett will share her experience from Open Spiritual Channels workshop

HARRIETT: I am honored to be in this intimate setting to chant on Livestream. To chant Divine Love Jin Dan is wonderful, but to be in your presence is love and more.

Before the practice I was tired. But during the practice I got warm and realized the power of your words. I could feel it so strong to remove blockages and then the fire would. There was light shining. It was so much fun.

MASTER SHA: Have you realized the TV program is unique?

HARRIET: You give people to practice with you, have fun and do everything. It is really a service you are doing. The light is going out so far.

MASTER SHA: We are helping all souls. We have finished our four-day workshop.

FRANK: It is difficult to add more after Harriet. When I started to sit here I started to feel sleepy. While you were chanting, Master Sha I feel I can step up. I like to move my body and express my power. I feel such power and feel very grateful. What Harriet said is true. To do this together I get goosebumps. There is a generating energy so strong. It is so nice. I thank you so much. The joy is wonderful.

KARIN: Thank you Master Sha. What can I add that was not said? We had a lovely workshop. It was wonderful to have all people here. What I experienced in this forty minutes I realized we can change so much in our lives, our loved ones and community within this hour. I felt fire within my Ming Men and more. I realized “what you chant is what you become.” I was a Ming Men. I saw little balls coming from my front side and wondered what they were doing. I became the whole Jin Dan. What if we chanted 365 days a year? What would humanity and the world look like? Please continue Master Sha.

MASTER SHA: Four days ago in the Netherlands in the Open Spiritual Channels workshop I decided to do Livestream. Master Ximena and Firuzan have set this up. Before we did one hour a day with Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing. This is now Soul Healing Miracle Live TV hour. I thank Sande and all of the team members. I have started to learn Facebook, Twitter and more. I have thousands of students. They can stay at home. They touch a button and they are here with me.

I am offering a treasure to registered ones from my blog: 1,000th Layer Love Jin Dan. People can make a request for ten of their loved ones to receive this treasure also.

With Love and Blessings

Master Sha

Love Peace Harmony Movement

The Open Spiritual Channels Workshop Experience

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