Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stories of the One-Hour Practice

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Master Sha: Master Peter, please share a little more about how you feel about the one-hour practice.

MASTER PETER: When we were at the Golden Gate Bridge and were walking home he said, “Why can’t you learn from me?” I was like, “What?” He said, “Why don’t you open?” I felt a big glass ball completely brake apart and I became completely free. I started to laugh. Master Sha started laughing. We were laughing and laughing. People walked around and around. I never felt such happiness. The heart just opened. This morning Master Sha did the same, opening our heart to happiness.

MASTER SABINE: I think Master Peter said everything. I think we enjoyed it. It is good to go out from your own consciousness and enjoy this teaching and practice.

MASTER SHA:  Can five people say five words regarding this practice?

German Man: I am from Germany. So this morning I ask the Calligraphy to give blessings to a person. The Calligraphy said they are happy to serve. They came in through my hand to my heart for 2-3 min. I asked them how it worked. They said, you just call us and we will do the job. In the end, I did a bit of singing. Suddenly, I felt all Calligraphy are so happy and celebrating. I have a unity with the person I called in for the healing.

Master Sha: When you ask for blessing, you absolutely can ask for your loved one.

Woman: I am from Boulder. I feel I come home and I understand finally.

Master Sha: This is heart opening. There are two ways, one is laughing and one is crying.

Bianca: I am from Holland.  I saw golden light. I also need to cry and laugh at the moment. I am very grateful for this experience.

MARZENA:  My name is Marzena and I am from Victoria. This meditation was truly unique. I want to thank Master Sha, so much. I’ve experienced beautiful, power deep, deep peace and deep joy; at the same time, a very heart touching. I had quite a big headache this morning, which almost instantly disappeared when we meditated and chanted.

KRISTIN:  My name is Kristin. I woke with a number “nine” headache out of a possible “ten”. I have been crying all morning, which is a good thing. As I meditated, I saw the light from all the Calligraphies and invited into my Message Center. I let it do what it wanted to do. It got bigger and bigger and rotating and then was outside of my body I feel much better. If you have anything to poke me in the Message Center, please do.

MASTER SHA: Transmission!

MASTER PETER: If ever Master Sha offers this, register. I have never seen anything like it. The Message Center goes from the front to the back. When Master Sha pointed the fa qi the light was shooting through and purifying. He gave an Order and there was an explosion that went through. This is just unreal. The Message Center is the key center for many things. What are the benefits she received?

Our dear beloved Master Zhi Gang Sha this is the generosity of completely. The blessing basically transforms all life. Hao!

KRISTIN:  You know Master Sha says, “The best speech is no speech.” That is what I have to honor. Thank you, Master Sha.

RUTH:  I am from Toronto. Yesterday when we started to work with the Calligraphies I got this image of the Machu Pichu. I was there last year. I saw this connection with the mountains here and Machu Pichu. There was a connection and it was like the energy of Machu Pichu melted with this and it brought teachings from the Calligraphy. I got this image of Master Sha being there. This morning as we got further teachings, it continued with the energy from the past merging with this energy. Thank you.

MASTER SHA:  Everyone stand up.
Thank you, Source.
Thank you, Divine.

I want to share a secret. Millions of people are chanting. When you chant “Thank you Source and Thank you Divine,” it is the best chanting. You heard the person speak about offering thanks. Do you know why this is the best chanting? You know virtue. You know something, and you can know something bigger. If you say, “Thank you, Source,” with little Virtue is the record of services. There is good virtue, good karma; bad virtue, negative karma. When we say:

Thank you, Source.
Thank you, Source.

Your “Thank you” is the virtue for Source.

Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.

Our appreciation is Divine’s Virtue.
Thank you countless Saints within
Thank you countless Saints within
Our thank you is the Virtue for the Saints.

Why do you offer fruit like this? This is to offer our appreciation. This is virtue for them. But chanting from the heart I can say is bigger than this. We are chanting from our heart and soul and then they give you light. There could be some big karma that could affect you and then their heart is moved and a big blessing could come. The dark souls could leave and the life could be saved for the thanks to heaven.

You learn from me. From the heart give appreciation. Repea,t after me.
Thank you, Divine.
Give your true love and appreciation, your full concentration.

Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.

We will chant five times. Master Francisco, come up after and share your Third Eye images. Thank you countless saints within.


Thank you, countless saints within.
Thank you, countless saints animals within.
Thank you, Source Ling Guang calligraphies.
Thank you, countless saints.
Thank you, countless soul treasures within.
Thank you, great financial blessing

Thank you, Source Ling Guang calligraphies
Thank you, countless saints within
Thank you, countless saints animals within
Thank you, countless soul treasures within
Thank you, greatest financial blessings


MASTER FRANCISCO: Thank you Master Sha. It was very powerful. Every time we gave thanks we were being blessed. When we gave thanks to heaven’s animals in the calligraphy, they came out of the calligraphy, spread throughout the room and blessed us removing blockages. The treasures came and wrapped around the Ming Men point to make it more powerful. The saints came down to bless us. For the financial blessing I saw coins come out and go into the body. It was very powerful Master Sha.

With Love and Blessings
Master Sha
Love Peace Harmony Movement

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