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How is bad Bad Karma created (Part II)

How is bad Bad Karma created (Part II)

Dear Ones,

This is a continuation of my last blog post.

If you create bad karma but do not apologize instantly, Heaven and the Akashic Records will record this bad karma. All of your bad karma accumulates. When your bad karma becomes heavy, you will start to learn karmic lessons. These lessons could include sickness, broken relationships, financial challenges, all kinds of emotional imbalances such as anger, fear, worry, depression, anxiety, and more.

Let me share a top secret for preventing new bad karma: chant silently nonstop. Tao Song is sacred Tao mantras that you can chant in your soul, heart, mind, and body nonstop. It is not necessary to chant out loud. You can chant silently. I have shared these two ways to chant in my earlier books.

To chant out loud is to vibrate the bigger cells and spaces in the body.
To chant silently is to vibrate the smaller cells and spaces.
To chant is to purify your soul, heart, mind, and body.
To chant is to serve.
To chant is to heal.
To chant is to rejuvenate.
To chant is to transform relationships, finances, and every aspect of life.
To chant is to enlighten your soul, heart, mind, and body.

If you make it a habit to chant all of the time, you will avoid crating new bad karma. At the same time, you will self-clear the bad karma you have accumulated through all of your lifetimes, little by little. After many years of chanting, service, and purification, you could clear all of your bad karma from all of your lifetimes Completely. If you have very heavy bad karma, it could be very difficult to completely self-clear all of it in this way, but it could be possible. It also depends on how committed you are to serving unconditionally and selflessly. In addition, it depends on how well you discipline your actions, behaviors, speech, and thoughts.

The Buddha, Shi Jia Mo Ni Fo or Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, created eighty-four thousand spiritual methods in his forty-nine years of spiritual teaching. One of his most powerful teachings is jing tu zong. “Jing” means pure. “Tu” means land. “Zong” means special style. “Jing tu zong” (pronounced jing too dzong) means Pure Land style. The teaching of jing tu zong emphasizes chanting one mantra, Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo (pronounced nah maw ah mee twaw faw).

“Na mo” are words of honor to a special esteemed being. It means I honor and appreciate you. A Mi Tuo Fo (Amitabha in Sanskrit) is a great ancient buddha. Shi Jia Mo Ni Fo introduced A Mi Tuo Fo to his students.

A Mi Tuo Fo was an emperor in ancient times, before this “turn” or incarnation of Mother Earth. Mother Earth has been destroyed and reborn many times. A Mi Tuo Fo’s time on Mother Earth was billions of years ago. While he was an emperor, he found his spiritual father. He gave up his emperor’s position and went on his spiritual journey. He made forty-eight vows and created a realm
in Heaven where there is no fighting, no ego, and no attachment. This place is named the Pure Land. A Mi Tuo Fo has gathered millions and millions of buddhas and bodhisattvas in the Pure Land. Millions of Buddhist practitioners and students in history have chanted Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo. Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo is the most popular Buddhist mantra. Go to any Buddhist temple in any part of the world and you will hear this chant.

Why do I mention this Buddhist teaching? I am not teaching Buddhism. I am sharing this powerful teaching to help you and humanity understand the true power of chanting.

In Buddhist teaching, when you are angry, you chant Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo. Chant and your anger will disappear. When you have pain, chant Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo and your pain could disappear. When you have relationship challenges, chant Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo and you could receive huge blessings.

How does this chant work? A Mi Tuo Fo is a top buddha. He is a servant of humanity. He is a divine servant, vehicle, and channel. The Divine gave him the honor to offer miracle healing. When
a person chants Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo, A Mi Tuo Fo will come to help. People with difficult cases chant day and night for months. Every moment one is chanting, A Mi Tuo Fo is helping. In a few months, a miracle could happen. For some people, a miracle happens quickly.

I am sharing the mantra Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo to tell you and humanity that chanting is one of the most powerful ways to receive healing blessings. People have not paid enough attention to chanting.

In one sentence:

To chant A Mi Tuo Fo is to become a buddha.

Chanting Chanting Chanting
Divine chanting is healing
Chanting Chanting Chanting
Divine chanting is rejuvenating

Singing Singing Singing
Divine singing is transforming
Singing Singing Singing
Divine singing is enlightening

Humanity is waiting for divine chanting
All souls are waiting for divine singing
Divine chanting removes all blockages
Divine singing brings inner joy

Divine is chanting and singing
Humanity and all souls are nourishing
Humanity and all souls are chanting and singing
World love, peace and harmony are coming

World love, peace and harmony are coming

World love, peace and harmony are coming

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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  1. Thank you Master Sha for such simple and powerful teachings. Humanity is blessed to receive your wisdom and teachings. This one mantra will not only help us all from creating bad karma but also clear already accumulated bad karma little by little. CBD CBD CBD TY TY TY LY LY Master Sha.

  2. Dear Master Sha,

    many spiritual teachers have taught about karma, the karma law and how to avoid creating bad karma. But never have I received such clear and easy teachings! This teaching could save ouf spiritual journeys, I am extremly grateful!

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