Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Soul Mind Body Science System-Grand Unification Theory

Soul Mind Body Science System-Grand Unification Theory
Dear Ones,

In our new book, Soul Mind Body Science System: Grand Unification Theory and Practice for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality, Dr. Rulin and I explain the interrelationships among soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter in a scientific way. We indicate how this wisdom can be applied to benefit every aspect of life, but focus on healing, rejuvenation, longevity, and immortality.

Jing qi shen are three. The most important wisdom and practice is that jing qi shen are one. In this book, we explain:
Grand Unification Theory
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• why a person gets sick in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies
• why a person gets old
• how to heal sicknesses in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies
• how to rejuvenate soul, heart, mind, and body
• how to live a long, long life
• how to reach immortality

To answer the above whys and hows is to understand the simplest truth. This simplest truth is grand unification. This simplest truth is the highest truth. In one sentence, this simplest and highest truth of grand unification is:

Shen Qi Jing He Yi

“Shen” includes soul, heart, and mind. “Qi” means energy. “Jing” means matter. “He” means join as. “Yi” means one. “Shen qi jing he yi” (pronounced shun chee jing huh yee) means:

Soul heart mind energy matter join as one.

In this new book, Dr. Rulin and I are extremely honored to release a scientific equation to serve science, medicine, and every aspect of the lives of humanity, Mother Earth, Heaven, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes. This Grand Unification Theory and practice is the core of the Soul Mind Body Science System. Together, they reveal and explain the root cause of all sickness and all challenges in our lives. This could provide breakthrough healing techniques for every aspect of life. The Soul Mind Body Science System could revolutionize current medicine and all healing modalities. It could take healing to a new level.

This Grand Unification Theory and practice could bring love, peace, and harmony to humanity, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes. 

We are honored to be servants for humanity and for all souls in countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes. We are honored to be servants for the Divine and Tao. 

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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  1. Thank you Dr. and Master Sha for this sacred wisdom. I will continue to chant this to heal and rejuvenate my soul, heart, mind, and body. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to transform. Tytyty LYLYLY! Thank you Divine!

  2. Thank you Master Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu for sharing this new wisdom with humanity. It is also a practical tool and much more to transform any aspect of life. TYTYTY.

  3. In this most precarious time for humanity, Master Sha and Dr. Rulin offer wisdom and practices that could heal the world. May we use these most profound teachings to join all souls as one in love, peace and harmony. We are so blessed. I can not thank you enough. Love, Cheryl

  4. All Souls Join as One = Tao. This is the Goal of the Soul Light Era! Grand Unification Theory and Practice is here and revealed to bring all souls from all planets, stars, galaxies and universes into Grand Unification Happiness Fulfillment and more!! I bow down to Heaven and He who we call Master Zhi Gang Sha!!! LU LU LU TY TY TY :)

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  6. An extremly powerful mantra and teaching! At first we can align our own Jing, Chi and Shen, then of our family, pets, communities, work, etc. Imagine ALL Jing, Chi and Shen aligned as one!!
    This book has all the teachings and blessings within, it is within our reach, amazing!
    Thank you so much Master Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu!

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