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Guan Yin - Bodhisattva | Goddess of Compassion | Da Bei Zhou compassion mantra | Kuan Yin

Guan Yin - Bodhisattva | Goddess of Compassion | Da Bei Zhou compassion mantra | Kuan Yin

Dear Ones,

“Ci Bei” (pronounced sz bay) means compassion. “Da Ci Bei” means greatest compassion. Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. In the Buddhist realm, millions of people know a buddha named Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa, or simply Guan Yin. She reached buddhahood a long time ago, but she calls herself Pu Sa, which means bodhisattva . In Buddhist teaching, a bodhisattva is one layer below a buddha. A buddha is a totally enlightened being or master. A bodhisattva is not quite at total enlightenment. Guan Yin is a buddha. In fact, she is a very high-level buddha, but she is beyond humble. From her greatest humility, she calls herself a bodhisattva.

On August 8, 2003, Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa’s name changed to Ling Hui Sheng Shi (pronounced ling
Guan Yin ,Bodhisattva,Goddess of Compassion,Da Bei Zhou, compassion mantra | Kuan Yin, Buddha, Buddhism,
Guan Yin ,Bodhisattva,Goddess of Compassion,Da Bei Zhou, c
compassion mantra | Kuan Yin, Buddha, Buddhism,
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). “Ling” means soul. “Hui” means intelligence. “Sheng” means saint. “Shi” means servant. “Ling Hui Sheng Shi” means soul intelligence saint servant.

In this lifetime, I have learned a lot from Guan Yin. When I was four years old, she came to me to teach me Da Bei Zhou. “ Da” means big. “ Bei” means compassion. “Zhou” means mantra. Da Bei Zhou (pronounced dah bay joe) is the Big Compassion Mantra. I have been chanting Da Bei Zhou my whole life.

In Guan Yin’s time, she met her spiritual father, Qian Guang Jing Wang. “Qian” means thousand. “Guang” means light. “Jing” means quietness. “Wang” means king. “Qian Guang Jing Wang” literally means thousand lights quietness king.

Qian Guang Jing Wang taught Da Bei Zhou to Guan Yin. Da Bei Zhou consists of eighty-seven lines. Each line of the mantra is the name of a buddha. Millions and billions of Buddhists in history deeply honor Da Bei Zhou. In their teaching, Da Bei Zhou can heal eighty-four thousand kinds of sickness. How many sicknesses can we count? I do not think we can count eighty-four thousand sicknesses. The most important thing to know is that Da Bei Zhou can heal because it has the power to clear negative karma.

When Qian Guang Jing Wang chanted Da Bei Zhou for Guan Yin, eighty-seven buddhas appeared. The light they brought was beyond comprehension. Guan Yin was deeply moved by the love, compassion, and light of these eighty-seven buddhas. She bowed down to her teacher and vowed, “I will spread Da Bei Zhou for the rest of this lifetime and in all of my future lifetimes.” Guan Yin’s vow was so sincere, so profound, and so deep. Because her vow deeply touched and moved Qian Guang Jing Wang’s heart, he then transmitted one thousand spiritual hands and one thousand spiritual eyes to Guan Yin. You cannot see these thousand hands and thousand eyes with your physical eyes. You can only see them in your spiritual eye.

Da Bei Zhou is the mantra of a thousand hands and a thousand eyes. The power of Da Bei Zhou cannot be expressed in words or comprehended by thoughts. I am sharing Guan Yin, Ling Hui Sheng Shi, and Da Bei Zhou with you to increase the compassion in your heart and soul, and to help you self-clear soul mind body blockages in every aspect of your life. I made a recording of this beautiful mantra. You can find the Da Bei Zhou CD on my website and on many other websites. Chanting Da Bei Zhou has already served millions and billions of people in history.

Watch this video of a beloved student sharing her heart-touching experience with this CD.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Guan Yin ,Bodhisattva,Goddess of Compassion,Da Bei Zhou, compassion mantra | Kuan Yin, Buddha, Buddhism, Heal, Love, Master Sha, 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story of Guan Yin, Ling Hui Shen Shi in our time and the powerful mantra of the Da Bei Zhou. Chanting this mantra can heal so many different types of sickness. It offers a healing light that transforms blockages. It brings love and compassion. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Thank you Master Sha for your greatest compassion and sharing this wonderful teaching:)