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Should I forgive | How can I forgive | why should I forgive | The power of Forgiveness practice with Master Sha

Dear Ones,

In addition to love, forgiveness is another key to purification and healing. Forgiveness and love are two sides of the same key. You cannot have unconditional love without unconditional
forgiveness. You cannot have unconditional forgiveness without unconditional love. Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Many sicknesses, relationship blockages, financial challenges, and other challenges in life are due to a lack of forgiveness.

Let me give you an example. Say a husband and wife or a girlfriend and boyfriend are upset with each other about something. If the man blames the woman, the woman often fights back. They say unpleasant things to each other. The fighting gets stronger. It seems impossible to find a solution. The conflict could escalate quickly.

If the woman tells the man: Something is wrong with you, the man should really think about it and check himself from the bottom of his heart. If he realizes that he really did something wrong, he should apologize sincerely and ask to be forgiven. If he knows that he did nothing wrong, he should tell his partner: Please calm down. Sometimes there is misunderstanding or miscommunication. If one side is very upset, which is yang, the other side should be calm, or yin. Yin and yang are easy to balance. If both sides took the yang approach, they would bump into each other, making it very hard to be balanced.

To forgive someone is like erasing a whiteboard. The board may be filled with many unpleasant actions, behaviors, words, and thoughts. When you forgive unconditionally, you are erasing the whiteboard. This removes heavy burdens from the other person. Think about a time when you made a mistake and you were forgiven. Maybe you did something wrong as a child. When your mother forgave you with her unconditional mother’s love, didn’t you feel great relief? When you forgive someone, you give that person this gift and blessing. You also receive a great gift and blessing. You may have been really bothered by the other person’s actions or words. You may have had angry thoughts every day about revenge. When you erase the whiteboard, you are erasing this burden for yourself also.

Forgiveness is very important for purification. It is very important for your physical journey and your spiritual journey.

If everyone forgave themselves, many health, relationship, and financial issues would be
solved. If everyone forgave each other—spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, boss, friend, and all kinds of relationships—there would be no fighting. If everyone applied forgiveness in the work environment, there would be harmony in the work environment. If forgiveness was applied between nations, there would be no fighting and no war. World peace could come much faster.

Heal, her, him, How can I forgive, Love, Master Sha, myself, Should I forgive, The power of Forgiveness practice with Master Sha, them, why should I forgive,
Heal, her, him, How can I forgive, Love, Master Sha,
Should I forgive, The power of Forgiveness practice
 with Master Sha, them, why should I forgive, 
In chapter 5 of Soul Mind Body Medicine, I taught a Universal Meditation practice for cleansing karma by giving forgiveness and receiving forgiveness. This practice is very powerful and life transforming. Let me give you an example:

One of the Divine Healers I trained had a client whose husband left her after twenty years. It was a big shock to her. She had all kinds of emotions, including intense anger. When she was very angry, she had a physical response. Her eyes became very swollen—almost completely closed. Her entire face became swollen. This made her very scared.

She came to my Divine Healer for a soul healing blessing and learned some Soul Mind Body Medicine self-healing techniques for healing and balancing her anger. My Divine Healer also taught her the Universal Meditation for forgiveness.

The client did the practice faithfully. Her co-workers asked her one day what she had been doing because she was so peaceful and calm. They saw a dramatic transformation and had received the benefit of her deep peace and inner joy. They assumed she had been receiving some kind of therapy. It never occurred to them that she was simply practicing forgiveness.

This is just one example of how powerful and life-transforming forgiveness is. There are countless stories. Many books could be written about the power of forgiveness.

Please watch the video and let us practice divine forgiveness together.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Should I forgive,How can I forgive, why should I forgive, myself, them, her, him, The power of Forgiveness practice with Master Sha, Heal, Love, Master Sha, 


  1. Forgiveness Practice has helped to transform my life in so many ways. I do it daily if not through out the day...Thank you Dearest Master Sha, I am very grateful. All My Love and Devotion.

  2. Dr. and Master Sha teaches that forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace, but I did not experience that after doing forgiveness practice. I was encouraged to continue the practice - and one day realized that I was experiencing inner joy. Dr. and Master Sha has said "The practice works. If you do not experience (inner joy and peace), Do More Practice!"

  3. Today I am painfully aware of some mistakes that have broken relationships. I feel hope for my soul journey after receiving the teaching and doing the forgiveness practice. I am grateful for Master Peter Hudoba's sharing of his third eye images. It helps me "see" the significance of this blessing. Thank you Master Sha. Thank you to all the souls who forgave during this practice. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Countless bow downs. Countless bow downs.

  4. Forgiveness Practice has helped to transform my life also in relationships and so many other ways. I do it daily also...Thank you Dearest My Spiritual Father Master Sha, I am very grateful. All My Deepest Love and Devotion.