Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to find a True Spiritual Master | mentor | Guru | what to look for | Master Sha offers spiritual guidance on your soul journey.

How to find a True Spiritual Master | mentor | Guru | what to look for | Master Sha offers spiritual guidance on your soul journey.

Dear Ones,

A newborn baby needs great care from its parents. A toddler needs to learn a lot from parents. In elementary school, children need lots of guidance from teachers and parents. Even adults need guidance. People with all kinds of difficulties in life seek out counselors—financial counselors, marriage counselors, psychologists, business consultants, life coaches, and more. Just about everybody needs guidance and training at some point. Guidance is important for life.

Just as a physical being needs lots of guidance for physical life, a spiritual being also needs lots of guidance. Soul guidance can be guidance for your physical life, emotional life, mental life, or spiritual life. To receive soul guidance, you must open your spiritual communication channels. You must have a physical spiritual master or Heaven’s spiritual masters to guide you.

How to find a True Spiritual Master, mentor, Guru,
How to find a True Spiritual Master, mentor, Guru,
What Is Soul Guidance?

Soul guidance comes from your spiritual masters. You must find true spiritual masters. What is a true spiritual master? There is one standard of measurement. Your spiritual master must be a total GOLD
and unconditional universal servant to offer universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment. Your spiritual master must be a pure and kind teacher who has great compassion. A true spiritual teacher will guide you well. A false spiritual teacher will guide you in the wrong direction.

Your Heaven’s spiritual guides can also guide you. After you open your spiritual channels, you can listen to their guidance. Buddhas, holy saints, and healing angels in Heaven find their students on Mother Earth. They offer their teachings to their physical students to guide them. Your Heaven’s spiritual guides can converse with you or show you spiritual images to guide you. They also bless you and protect you. They give you great love, care, and compassion.

In your spiritual journey, you must also understand and pass spiritual testing. You must understand the purification process. If you cannot pass spiritual testing, you may not move further on your spiritual journey. Many spiritual students cannot pass their spiritual testing. They quit the spiritual journey halfway. It is a great pity.

Every spiritual being must go through serious spiritual testing. On my spiritual journey, when I was learning from my beloved spiritual master and adoptive father, Master and Dr. Zhi Chen Guo, in China, some people came to me to tell me that Master Guo was not the right teacher for me. I thought he was a great teacher. His healing techniques worked. He taught all of his students to purify the heart, transform the personality, and accumulate virtue to be a pure servant. I was determined to continue to learn from him and was not affected by these outside influences.

Later, I received spiritual testing from my spiritual guides in Heaven. For a few weeks in 1994, my Third Eye saw many images. They also showed me that Master Guo was not the right teacher. They told me not to follow him. I knew that my teacher worked and studied tirelessly, put great effort into clinical research, showed great compassion and generosity to all of the patients who came to him, and cured many “incurable” cases. His deep wisdom had a profound impact on me. His techniques were incredibly effective. So I did not listen to this false guidance.
How to find a True Spiritual Master, mentor, Guru,
Master Sha offers spiritual
guidance on your soul journey.

At that moment, I did not understand that I was being tested by Heaven. But because I did not listen to the false messages, I passed my test. I was very firm in continuing to follow my teacher’s teaching. After my spiritual guides saw my loyalty and commitment to my teacher’s journey, they blessed my spiritual journey with my teacher more and more. They also started to have soul conversations with me to directly teach me soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. Finally, in July 2003, the Divine chose me as the Divine’s servant and as a servant of humanity to offer divine healing, divine blessing, and divine creation through Divine Soul Downloads to serve humanity.

Soul guidance is vital to transforming your life. Your physical spiritual master can guide you. Your spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven can guide you. The Divine can guide you. To move further on your spiritual journey, it is very important for you to be very firm in your heart and mind that you want to be a total GOLD servant. When you make this decision, let no one and no soul influence you. If you do not have a total commitment to serve, it is very hard to move further on your spiritual journey. The Divine needs dedicated pure servants.

In my next few blog postings, I will offer important soul guidance for your spiritual journey by sharing essential teachings on a few key topics.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. Thank you Master Sha for your wonderful teaching on soul guidance. By following your teachings and receiving your blessings and from Divine Channels, I was able to open my spiritual channels to receive message from my spiritual fathers and mothers, from the Divine and my own beloved soul. This has blessed my physical journey and soul journey beyond imagination. Soul guidance is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for this post. I look forward to your future posts on soul guidance. TYTYTY LYLYLY CBCBCB

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Beloved Master Sha for your generous sharing of wisdom and your experience showing us the way...deeply touched, most Grateful CBDs,CBDs,CBDs,Ty,Ty,Ty,LY,LY,LY...

  3. Thank you Master Sha for helping me on my spiritual journey<3 I can never thank you enough. Thank you from my heart and soul.

  4. There is not a day that goes by without thinking about you. Your impact on my life is profound, and each day I am more grateful for you as my beloved spiritual father. With enduring love, Cheryl

  5. Its so nice to find you, sir. Please, guide me. I seek refinement so that i can serve.