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Master Sha | Tao Secrets | Tao Normal Creation and Reverse Creation | Soul Mind Body Science System

Master Sha | Tao Secrets | Tao Normal Creation and Reverse Creation | Soul mind Body Science System

Dear Ones,

In Soul Mind Body Science System, I emphasized that Tao normal creation and Tao reverse creation are the ultimate truth that tells us how Heaven, Mother Earth, countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes, and humanity are formed; as well as how Heaven, Mother Earth and countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes, and humanity return to Tao.

With the practice I shared and led you to do, Tao Normal Creation and Tao Reverse Creation Practice for Fan Lao Huan Tong, Longevity, and Immortality (p. 178), you could experience dramatic physical transformation. If you have advanced Third Eye abilities, you could see countless spiritual images. In one sentence:

If you are truly on the Xiu Lian journey, it does not matter what kind of experience you have in the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical bodies.

For example, you could become sick when you do serious Xiu Lian practice. You may question, “Why am I getting sick when I am doing serious spiritual practice?” You could become worried. You may suddenly have a Third Eye image and see dark souls. You could be frightened and fearful.

I want to share more sacred wisdom with you and humanity. It is named Tui Bing (pronounced tway bing). “Tui” means return. “ Bing” means sickness. “Tui Bing” literally means return sickness. Let me explain this sacred spiritual wisdom.

When you are on the rejuvenation, longevity, and immortality journey and doing practice, sickness could occur. If you need to see a doctor, please go ahead. If you need to take medicine, herbs, natural remedies, receive acupuncture, or follow any other healing modalities or protocols, please go ahead. The most important thing is to keep practicing.

Tui Bing is the return of sicknesses you have experienced from the time you were a baby to
the present. You may think, “My old sickness returns? I do not want it!” I am sharing with you that Tui Bing is the natural path for those who are searching for true rejuvenation and longevity, and especially for those who are moving on the journey of immortality. To go through Tui Bing is to completely remove the negative messages of all your sicknesses from your birth. Be assured, though, that when you get sick, you may recover much faster than when you had the same sickness before. This is the sacred path of fan lao huan tong (transform old age to the health and purity of the baby state).

If I do not share this sacred wisdom, when you do serious Xiu Lian practice and, for whatever reason, you become sick, you could become upset or have doubts. If you stop practicing, you would stop receiving the benefits. You could lose a huge opportunity. That would be a pity. I release this secret to tell every reader on this journey of rejuvenation, longevity, and immortality that you must know this sacred path. You will experience negative memories of old sicknesses in your soul, heart, mind, and body, so that you can release them.

Master Sha | Tao Secrets | Tao Normal Creation and Reverse Creation | Soul mind Body Science System
Master Sha | Tao Secrets | Tao Normal
Creation and Reverse Creation |
Soul mind Body Science System 
For example, you may have had bronchitis or other lung issues when you were younger. In your spiritual journey, you may find bronchitis or the other lung conditions returning once, twice, or perhaps many times. Do not be upset.

Remember, when a sickness returns, do whatever healing you need. If you need modern medicine or other healing modalities, please go ahead. You must receive the proper healing. Do not refuse any healing. Do not think, I just want to do spiritual practice. That is not right.

The most important thing is not to stop this sacred practice of Tao normal creation and Taoreverse creation when you are in Tui Bing. This sacred practice will help you restore your health much faster. The Tui Bing process will clear negative messages of sickness in your soul, heart, mind, and body. These negative messages will be washed and washed, until finally they are completely cleansed. True healing will be achieved. Then, true rejuvenation can and will happen. You will truly become younger and younger.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Soul mind body blockages are cleared, cleared, cleared.

You are healed, healed, healed.

You are becoming younger, younger, younger.

Your life is prolonged, prolonged, prolonged.

Immortality is in front of you.

Closer. Closer. Closer.

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With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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  1. Thank you, i am honored to receive this wisdom, CBDs, CBDs, CBDs, Ty, Ty, TY, Ly, Ly, Ly. My Soul Thanks you !!!

  2. Dear beloved Master Sha, Thank you so much for the profound wisdom for Tui Bing. I understand deeper the teaching to further purify the negative messages from the sickness returning recently. I spend more time to practice chanting and writing Source calligraphy that has been taught for self healing and healing my loved ones too. Each time I felt better and improving.LY LY LY CB CB CB