Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is a Mantra | The best Mantra to chant | Everyday | for success | Meditation | Money | Master Sha

What is a Mantra | The best Mantra to chant | Everyday | for success | Meditation | Money | Master Sha

Dear Ones,

Throughout history, chanting mantras has been one of the most important methods of spiritual and energy healing and development. Millions of healing stories have been created by chanting mantras.

In ancient teaching and practice, there are three secrets that I have explained before: Shen Mi (Body Secret), Kou Mi (Mouth Secret), and Yi Mi (Thinking Secret). Mouth Secret is to chant mantras. In 2000 I created the Four Power Techniques, which are Body Power, Soul Power, Mind Power, and Sound Power.Mantra can heal experience personal healing blessings in my special healing Mantras for every aspect of life.

What is a Mantra,The best Mantra to chant, Everyday,for success, Meditation,Money, Heal, Love, Master Sha,
What is a Mantra,The best Mantra
 to chant, Everyday,for success,
Heal, Love, Master Sha,
In the books of my Soul Power Series and my other books, I have offered much teaching about many sacred mantras, ancient and new. I encourage you to read these books. I have shared many powerful mantras together with soul and ancient secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques for
applying mantras to self-heal and more. These teachings and practices have created hundreds of thousands of soul healing miracles worldwide. I have shared the most powerful mantras in history in these books. Billions of people throughout history have received transformation in every aspect of life through these sacred practices.

Let me emphasize again the power and significance of mantras.

What Is a Mantra?

A mantra is a special sound and message that the Divine, Tao, buddhas, saints, gurus, and other kinds of spiritual fathers and mothers created in their spiritual and energy practice for transforming all life. When a mantra is chanted repeatedly, transformation occurs.

The Power and Significance of Mantras

Mantras are special sounds and messages that carry high spiritual frequencies and vibrations. These special frequencies and vibrations can transform the frequency and vibration of all life.
Mantras carry love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace to all life. Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity of all life. Light heals, prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind, and body, purifies and rejuvenates spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies, transforms relationships and finances, increases intelligence, opens spiritual channels, and brings success in every aspect of all life.

Mantras are a spiritual gathering treasure. When you chant a mantra, the saints and spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven hear you chanting and will come to bless your life.

Mantras are a major spiritual communication tool to communicate with the Soul World.

Chanting mantras is one of the most ancient spiritual practices. For thousands of years, renowned Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and other spiritual leaders in many different traditions have shared their mantras to serve millions of people.

Mantras are extremely powerful because they can remove soul mind body blockages in every aspect of life. I want to share and emphasize a major spiritual secret. When you chant a mantra, please do Forgiveness Practice at the same time. Forgiveness Practice is the key to self-clear negative karma. Negative karma is the root blockage in every aspect of life, including health, relationships, finances, business, and more. Remember, every time you chant a mantra, do Forgiveness Practice at the same time. It will enhance your healing and life transformation many times over.

If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it.
If you want to know if chanting mantras is powerful, experience it.

If you experience instant results, you will believe chanting mantras works. If you do not experience instant results, be patient. Continue to practice. Transformation is on the way.

You can do it!

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With love and blessing,

Master Sha

What is a Mantra,The best Mantra to chant, Everyday,for success, Meditation,Money, Heal, Love, Master Sha, Video on demand, tao


  1. Thank you for teaching the meaning and chanting of this sacred Tao Mantra. Just chanting this short video time, my vision became more crisp and clear and my energy level has greatly increase as i was feeling tired and getting sleepy. i can now easily complete my tasks this evening !!! i Love you dear Beloved Master Sha !!! Your generosity in bringing this forward to humanity is deeply profound !!! We are Blessed beyond our comprehension. CBDs, CBDs, CBDs, Ty, Ty, Ty, Ly, Ly, Ly. Da Gan En ... Da Ai !!! <3

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