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Energy healing for Animals | Divine Healing Hands Can Heal Animals and Nature | Master Sha

Energy healing for Animals | Divine Healing Hands Can Heal Animals and Nature | Master Sha 

Dear Ones,

Thousands of people around the world have experienced the life-transforming power of Divine Healing Hands. What are Divine Healing Hands? Divine Healing Hands are God’s hands released by the Divine to serve humanity, animals and nature during this period of intense purification and transition on Mother Earth. God creates Divine Healing Hands Soul Mind Body Transplants and transmits them to chosen ones through me or one of my Divine Channels and Worldwide Representatives. Today I share a little about using Divine Healing Hands to heal animals and nature.

Healing Animals

Energy healing for Animals,Divine Healing Hands, Can Heal Animals and Nature, Master Sha, Heal, Love, Master Sha, Many families have pets. When I came from China to North America, I realized more and more that many people treat their pets like a family member. I very often hear them call their dog or cat their
son, daughter, or baby. When their animals are sick, people take very good care of them. People love animals. Animals bring happiness, harmony, companionship, and health to the family.

I saw in a Chinese television news program where a renowned movie star had a blood clot in one of his legs. He had an operation and two years later another artery was blocked in the same leg. He had difficulty walking and had many other sicknesses. A friend of this movie star gave him a dog. Every day, the movie star had to walk the dog. As he did, he realized his ability to walk got better and better. Many of his health conditions improved. He said that walking his dog transformed his health and life. This story clearly shows one of the benefits of having a pet.

Our beloved pets and other animals can become injured or sick. There have been many Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers throughout the world who have shared heart-touching stories of offering Divine Healing Hands blessings to their beloved pets with great results.

Dr. Rulin Xiu shared her personal story of healing her beloved dog:

My beloved dog Buga did not eat for about a week. He became weaker and weaker. He had severe constipation. I thought he would be able to overcome it himself. I gave him mineral oil and herbs. He did not get better and continued to get worse. One morning I saw him in the woods. His spirit was very low, and it occurred to me that he was dying. I knew I needed to do something.

I offered Buga a Divine Healing Hands blessing. I walked toward him and held him in my arms. As I was offering the Divine Healing Hands blessing he looked at me and I saw the spirit come back to him. He started to get up as I continued to offer the blessing. As the blessing continued, he started to run after some animals. I wondered if I needed to take him to the doctor, but decided not to. After a couple of days he was completely healed and returned to eating normally.

I realize the power of Divine Healing Hands deeper and deeper in my heart. I deeply appreciate that Master Sha offered Divine Healing Hands to me so that I can serve my beloved dogs and my friends.

Watch this video of a young Divine Hands Soul Healer who shares about healing her beloved cat. 

Healing Nature

Millions of people enjoy gardening and nature. People grow fruit trees and vegetables. Some grow flowers and keep houseplants. Farmers cultivate acres of land with various crops. Many people feel a deep connection with nature and enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, enjoying views, breathing fresh air, camping, swimming, boating, running, rock climbing, bird watching, and more. Nature is filled with trees, flowers and other plants, gardens, rivers, lakes, mountains, rocks, and much more.

Most people understand that a human being has a body, mind, and spirit. Spirit is soul. Everything has a soul, mind, and body. Pets and animals have souls. Everything in nature has a soul. Many people do not understand that inanimate things such as mountains, rivers, and oceans also have a soul. Countless fish, plants, insects, and other living things make their home on the land or in the water. Each of them has a soul. Soul healing can be applied to anyone and anything because everyone and everything has a soul.

In ancient spiritual teaching, wan wu jie you ling. “Wan” means ten thousand. “Wu” means thing. “Jie” means all. “ You” means to have. “ Ling” means soul. “Wan wu jie you ling” (pronounced wahn woo jyeh yoe ling) means everything has a soul. Soul is a golden light being. Everyone and everything in Mother Earth, Heaven, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes has a soul. A mountain could have thousands of trees. Every tree has a soul. Every leaf on each tree has a soul. Our body carries countless souls. Mind is consciousness. Everyone and everything has consciousness. Body consists of energy and tiny matter. Everyone and everything has a body. Everything has a soul, heart, mind, and body.

I have read many heart-touching stories from beloved Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers around the world who have had great results offering blessings to their plants, their trees, their vegetable gardens, and more.

This next story shows the power of a Divine Healing Hands soul healing blessing to transform flowers:

2010 has been wide-ranging; from angry spider bite pustules clearing and leaving no scars; a knot on the spine dissolving; excruciating pain reduced to little or no pain; balancing emotions; and awe-inspiring cellular vibration.

I feel very humbled to be able to offer this blessing from the Divine. My hand vibrates as a wave of light and vibration emanates from my hand, which appears to be grander than the size of the room at times. I am in constant awe as the Divine allows me to be a vehicle for healing, rejuvenation, and transformation. The multitude of souls who come to serve during a Divine Healing Hands blessing is phenomenal by reports of those who feel and sense and those who see.
Energy healing for Animals,Divine Healing Hands, Can Heal Animals and Nature, Master Sha,
Energy healing for Animals,Divine Healing Hands,
Can Heal Animals and Nature, Master Sha,

One of the highlights of my day is joining the daily Divine Healing Hands teleconference and to be able to serve globally with my Divine Healing Hands family, inspired and led by my spiritual father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Of the many stories I could share, there is one that stands out and is asking to be shared. I was honored to join one of the Divine Channels in the Catskill Mountains in New York to serve on her team for the first global Divine Healing Hands Certification Training. This training was offered worldwide in twenty cities simultaneously, March 30– April 1, 2012.

The setting for the training was prepared beautifully. The altar was simple and elegant, and a vase of fresh-cut flowers had been placed in service and honor of our master and teacher at the event.

The training was held in a yurt dwelling on five wooded acres. Though the yurt was quite comfortable and provided an amazing spiritual setting for the training, being early spring in New York, temperatures inside the yurt dipped each night as we slept comfortably in another building. The flowers suffered and appeared lifeless, drooping, and beyond recuperation the next morning. There was no time to replace them. I heard, “This is great teaching. Offer Divine Healing Hands blessings.” I thanked the flowers for their service, asked that we be forgiven for our misunderstanding of the dangers they might encounter in the coolness of the yurt at night. I offered the blessing as appropriate and sadly forgot this teaching as we began to busy ourselves with the day’s activities.

At some point I became aware that the flowers were no longer drooping. They were restored to their former beauty and shined adoringly throughout the training. As the day came to a close, we took the flowers with us to the guest accommodations, where they could continue to serve and enjoy our newly developing Divine Healing Hands community each night. At the close of our training on the third day, we took the flowers and left them in the big guesthouse at the facility for all newcomers to enjoy their high vibrational healing service. These flowers had transformed. They were wide open, faces fully beaming from serving and from having been given a second chance at life against all odds.

For me, this is a metaphor for the power of Divine Healing Hands soul healing, to offer healing, rejuvenation, and transformation against all limitations of human thinking and understanding by allowing the Divine to perform miracles.

Thank you, Master Sha, for allowing me to be a humble servant and Certified Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer.

Frances Anne Brown
Suffolk, Virginia

Pets and animals play an important role in many people’s lives, and human beings cannot survive without nature, including plants and water. Animals and nature could be deeply affected in Mother Earth’s transition. Therefore, to learn how to offer soul healing for animals and nature is vital. To learn how to apply Divine Healing Hands to offer soul healing blessings to animals and nature is extremely important also.

The more you think about Divine Healing Hands, the deeper the honor you could feel in your heart and soul. In my Divine Healing Hands book, we learn, practice, and experience how to apply Divine Healing Hands to heal the spiritual body, mental body, emotional body, and physical body of a human being. We also learn, practice, and experience how to apply Divine Healing Hands to transform relationships, finances, intelligence, and every aspect of life. We learn, practice, and experience how to apply Divine Healing Hands to heal animals and nature.

The applications of soul healing, including Divine Healing Hands, are vast. Everyone and everything has a soul. Everyone and everything can receive healing and transformation from soul healing and Divine Healing Hands.

I want to express again my greatest gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the Divine. Thank you, Divine, for your generosity to offer your soul healing hands to the chosen ones. Anyone who receives Divine Healing Hands Soul Mind Body Transplants is given the honor and privilege forever to apply Divine Healing Hands anytime, anywhere to offer soul healing blessings to humanity, animals, and nature for healing, rejuvenation, and transformation of all life.

Words are not enough.
Thoughts are not enough.
Imagination is not enough.
Comprehension is not enough.
Appreciation is not enough.
Gratitude is not enough.
Honor is not enough for Divine Healing Hands.
We are extremely blessed.
Hao! Hao! Hao!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I hold special training in over 20 cities World Wide several times  a year. The power of Divine Healing Hands is beyond comprehension. Hundreds of thousands of soul healing miracles have been created by the power of Divine Healing Hands.

 To receive Divine Healing Hands is to purify soul, heart, mind and body. To receive Divine Healing Hands is to be a powerful servant to ease the suffering of humanity, Mother Earth and beyond. Apply today to become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer. It will benefit your spiritual journey beyond comprehension.

Everyone can become a miracle soul healer. Learn how!

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Energy healing for Animals,Divine Healing Hands, Can Heal Animals and Nature, Master Sha, Heal, Love, Master Sha, 

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