Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Soul Enlightenment

Dear Ones,

If you are on the spiritual journey, you definitely want to know the answer to the question, “What is the purpose of the spiritual journey?” The answer is straightforward. The purpose of the spiritual journey is to uplift your soul standing.

A human’s soul is a golden light being. To see a soul or know the location of one's soul, you must open your spiritual channels. Your beloved soul can sit in different parts of the body. There are seven main areas where a human’s soul can sit. These seven houses for the soul are located:

·      just above the genital area
·      between the genitals and the navel
·      at the level of the navel
·      in the heart chakra, which I call the Message Center
·      in the throat
·      in the head
·      just above the head, over the crown chakra

Where your soul sits is extremely significant for your spiritual journey. The significance is that the location of your soul represents your spiritual standing in Heaven. The higher your soul sits in your body, the higher your spiritual standing in Heaven.

What Is Soul Enlightenment?

Today, many spiritual seekers talk about soul enlightenment. What exactly is soul enlightenment? Soul enlightenment is a special standing in Heaven. To be enlightened, a soul must sit in the Message Center (heart chakra) or higher. If your soul does not sit in these layers, you cannot be considered to have an enlightened soul. This teaching about the divine standard for soul enlightenment was given to me many years ago.

People who have reached soul enlightenment have done great service for humanity and Mother Earth. They are committed as unconditional universal servants to offer universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment to humanity and all souls.

Neither you nor your soul can decide where your soul sits inside your body. This simply means that your spiritual standing is not determined by you or your soul’s desires. The Akashic Records decide where your soul sits inside your body according to your record of service. The Akashic Records are in a special place in Heaven. There, all of your lives are recorded, including all of your activities, behaviors, and thoughts. They also decide your spiritual standing in Heaven based on your life records. If you offer good service, such as love, care, compassion, kindness, generosity, and purity, the Akashic Records record this good service. If you offer unpleasant service, such as killing, stealing, harming, and taking advantage of others, the Akashic Records also record this unpleasant service. There is a book in the Akashic Records for each person’s soul. This book is dedicated to recording all of your services, good and unpleasant, in your present lifetime and all of your soul’s previous lifetimes. Your soul also carries a copy of this record.

When you reach soul enlightenment, your soul will reside in or above your Message Center. The message I received a number of years ago from the Divine is that of all the 7 billion people on Mother Earth at this time, only about 15 percent have reached soul enlightenment. For all of humanity to uplift its soul standing to the level of enlightenment is a huge task.

Why Reach Soul Enlightenment?

Why does a spiritual being want to uplift his or her soul standing in Heaven? The higher the spiritual standing a spiritual being has, the greater the blessings that being can receive. The blessings include abilities to heal, bless, and transform one’s own life, as well as abilities to serve others.

Many people think that a soul-enlightened being is one with pure love and light, a being who is kind and compassionate. This is correct. These qualities are basic requirements for an enlightened soul. But to have these qualities does not mean your soul is enlightened. The standard for being soul-enlightened is to have your soul stand at the saints’ level or above.

In your physical life, if you have good health, a good family, good relationships, and good finances, then you are blessed. You are satisfied. You are happy. In your spiritual life, if you are enlightened, you enjoy much greater success and blessings. The sooner you can reach soul enlightenment, the sooner you can receive these special blessings from the Divine.

How To Reach Soul Enlightenment?

The key to reaching soul enlightenment can be stated in one sentence:

Purify soul, heart, mind and body.

An enlightened being must have a pure soul, heart, mind, and body. A soul has to do Xiu Lian (pronounced sheo lyen) in order to uplift its standing. Xiu Lian is an ancient spiritual term. “Xiu” means purification. “Lian” means practice. Xiu Lian represents the totality of the spiritual journey. It includes the cultivation and purification of soul, heart, mind and body.

Spiritual testing is part of the purification process. Passing spiritual testing is necessary for moving forward on your Xiu Lian journey. In your enlightenment journey, the higher your spiritual standing, the more seriously Heaven will test you. Testing can be very severe. Unfortunately, many spiritual beings cannot pass their tests. They quit their spiritual journey. Their spiritual standing goes up, down, up, down. Beyond enlightenment, there is advanced enlightenment . The more you continue to purify your soul, heart, mind, and body after reaching soul enlightenment, the higher the level of enlightenment you can reach, and the higher the level of saint you can become.

The spiritual journey is a painful journey. At this special historic time, Mother Earth is in a transition period. Humanity is suffering. The Divine and Tao need pure servants to stand out to offer love, peace, and harmony for humanity and all souls. Enlightened beings are urgently needed to serve during Mother Earth’s transition. If you are ready, I am ready to serve you. I am ready to assist you to uplift your spiritual standing and to reach soul enlightenment and advanced soul enlightenment. I am honored to be your servant. I am honored to be the servant of Tao to send the Tao order to uplift your soul to the saints’ level or higher.

When you begin a job at a new company, do they pay you one year’s salary or two years’ salary upfront? I do not think they do this. You have to work first to earn your payment. Humanity is extremely blessed that Tao is willing to offer, in this case, 70 thousand lifetimes of virtue to uplift your spiritual standing to the level of a saint or beyond. Imagination is not enough. Comprehension is not enough to understand this kind of generosity to save us what would normally take 70 thousand lifetimes of dedicated spiritual practice to attain. We are beyond, beyond blessed. If you feel you want to go ahead and earn this kind of virtue the traditional way through serious spiritual practice for your next 70 thousand lifetimes, that is your choice. I honor you. This is a most rare opportunity in all your lifetimes. This kind of virtue will empower you to serve humanity and all souls, to be an unconditional universal servant during Mother Earth's transition to help create a Love Peace Harmony World Family, to help create the Love Peace Harmony Universal Family. Let me serve you!

This time I will not only send the Tao order to enlighten your soul; I will send a Tao order to enlighten your heart, and a Tao order to enlighten your mind. To enlighten your soul is to uplift your soul standing to the saints’ level. To enlighten your heart is to have a totally pure, loving and forgiving heart. To enlighten your mind is to uplift your consciousness to the saints’ level.

Time is running out to grab this extremely rare opportunity. I do not know when this opportunity will come again. You have until tomorrow to apply. Apply now for yourself, your loved ones, transitioned loved ones, even your pets, to receive this extraordinary honor.

Listen to Master David in the video share his experience with receiving a Soul Enlightenment Order.

Tao is chanting and singing 
Humanity and all souls are nourishing 
Humanity and all souls are chanting and singing 
World love, peace and harmony are coming 
Universal love, peace and harmony are coming

Love you. Love you. Love you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I cannot serve you enough.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. I love you Master Sha. May more Souls hear Heaven's call to receive this unimaginable honor to receive Soul Enlightenment. It is truly life-changing and beyond comprehension. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you Master Sha. Love you. We are very blessed.