Friday, March 20, 2015

Tao Happiness and Joy (Tao Xi Zai)

Dear Ones,

Today is the International Day of Happiness. I wish everyone around the world a very happy International Happiness Day.

There is a popular saying that joy is the most infallible sign of God’s presence and the most perfect expression of the Divine. Millions of people are searching for joy and happiness in their lives. In order to experience happiness and joy in daily life, one must remove soul, heart, mind, and body blockages in all aspects of life. 

In a recent blog post, I explained that Tao tells everyone, “I am within you. Use me anytime, anywhere. I will serve you.” But most people do not understand this wisdom. Tao creates everyone and everything. Tao nourishes everyone and everything. To connect with Tao joy within us, we have to purify our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies. We have to remove negative desires, selfishness, greed, negative mindsets, negative attitudes, negative beliefs, ego, attachments, and much more. We have to open our spiritual channels to learn how to communicate with Tao.

April 9-13, I will teach Open Your Spiritual Channels in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The first step to opening your spiritual channels is to open your Soul Language Channel. Soul Language is the language of your soul. It carries your Soul Power. It can bring out the soul potential you have accumulated over hundreds of lifetimes. Soul Language stores the wisdom you have not yet realized. It is a communication treasure. You can use Soul Language to directly communicate with the Divine and Tao, with souls of high spiritual standing, and with the entire universe. You can use Soul Language to heal and prevent sickness, and to rejuvenate and transform all life, including your relationships and finances.

Prepare yourself at the soul, heart, mind, and body level for excitement and joy when you speak Soul Language, and for even more excitement and joy when you apply Soul Language for healing and transformation of your life.

Once you have brought out your Soul Language, you can transform it to Soul Song. Soul Song is the song of your soul. There is a very strong connection between Soul Song and the presence of joy. When you are using your Soul Song, you are the presence of Divine and Tao love, forgiveness, compassion, and light in a special way. And so you are also the presence of joy. You make this quality present on Mother Earth and beyond. This is a much-needed service at this time, when there are many without joy and so many challenging situations with heaviness and stress. Releasing the presence of the Divine and Tao through your Soul Song, which is also to release joy, is a wonderful gift to be able to give to humanity, Mother Earth, and beyond.

Those of you who have already experienced your Soul Song have experienced this joy. You have experienced a depth, a peace, and a delight that are associated with the joy expressed through your soul’s song. When you listen to my Soul Song, you may think, “This sounds familiar,” because your soul has heard my Soul Song before. I have sung it to you many times already. The beauty of Soul Song will bring you joy. You will feel relaxed and comfortable when you sing it or hear it. Soul Song is a new form of song in Mother Earth. It will shine its light more and more. Billions of people in the future will sing a Soul Song. It will be a great service. 

The idea of Soul Language and Soul Song as service may be new to you. When you speak your Soul Language and sing your Soul Song, you are in fact giving great service. The benefits will multiply and radiate out to all of Mother Earth and beyond. They will bless the lives of many you do not even know. When you use Soul Language and Soul Song just for the sheer delight and enjoyment of it, you could assist many souls in their transformation to light. 

Do not miss my Open Spiritual Channels training. Experience the happiness and joy of bringing out your Soul Language and Soul Song to transform all of your life. You will be beyond blessed!

One of the most important golden keys to joy is gratitude. As you practice gratitude, you will become aware that you have more gentleness, increased flexibility, and more humor and joy in your life. These are all wonderful gifts. For those who are serious about their soul journey and who are really sincere in their efforts to transform on every level, it is important to understand that complaining is one of the first things to eliminate from your life. Complaining can be a big blockage to gratitude. 

Another golden key to joy is forgiveness. I always emphasize the importance of a daily forgiveness practice. Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace.

In my book Tao I: The Way of all Life, I taught Tao Xi Zai. Tao is The Way, the source of all universes. “Xi” means happiness and joy. “Zai” means existence. “Tao Xi Zai” (pronounced dow shee dzye) means Tao happiness and joy. When you study Tao, practice Tao, and especially when you apply Tao in your daily life, you will gain inner joy and happiness. There are no words that can explain or express this enough. In Tao I, I teach Tao practice in daily life. Tao practice can bring incredible Tao happiness and Tao joy to you. 

To reach Tao happiness and joy is to reach the highest happiness and joy. You are melded with Tao. One of the top-secret practices is to directly chant Tao Xi Zai. Use the Four Power Techniques:

Body Power. Sit up straight. Gently touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Put both palms on your lower abdomen below the navel. 

Soul Power. Say hello

Dear soul mind body of Tao Xi Zai, 
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you. 
You have the power to bring Tao happiness and joy to every aspect of my life. 
I am very honored and grateful. 
Thank you. 

Mind Power. Visualize golden light shining from head to toe, skin to bone in you and in every aspect of your life. 

Sound Power. Chant or sing silently or aloud: 

Tao Xi Zai (pronounced dow shee dzye
Tao Xi Zai 
Tao Xi Zai 
Tao Xi Zai 
Tao Xi Zai
Tao Xi Zai 
Tao Xi Zai … 

Chant or sing for three to five minutes; the longer, the better. It takes time to reach Tao happiness and joy. Continue to chant. Continue to purify. Continue to remove your soul, heart, mind, and body blockages in every aspect of life. Then, Tao Xi Zai will come to you.

Humanity is waiting for Tao chanting. 
All souls are waiting for Tao singing. 
Tao chanting removes all blockages. 
Tao singing brings inner joy.

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With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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