Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ancestors Plant the Trees; Descendants Enjoy the Shade

Dear Ones,

Think about humanity on Mother Earth. Many people on Mother Earth are very wealthy. Many people are very poor. Think about the people around you. Some people are very intelligent. You might think they should be very successful in business, but they may not be successful at all. Some people are very simple. They may even seem unintelligent, but they are very successful.

In Toronto I knew someone who made whatever business he touched very successful. He asked me, “Why am I such a very blessed person in business?” I paused a moment and did a spiritual reading by communicating with the Akashic Records. I told him, “The Divine told me your success comes from your grandfather. Your grandfather did very good service for others and this created lots of good virtue for him.”

There is an ancient spiritual statement:

Qian ren zai shu, hou ren cheng liang

“Qian ren” means ancestor. “Zai” means plant. “Shu” means tree. “Hou ren” means descendants. “Cheng liang” means enjoy the shade. Therefore, “Qian ren zai shu, hou ren cheng liang” (pronounced chyen ren zye shoo, hoe ren chung lyahng) means ancestors plant the trees; descendants enjoy the shade. This statement teaches us that if our ancestors have accumulated good virtue through good service to others, then we enjoy the benefits.

Let me continue the story of the businessman in Toronto. After hearing my spiritual reading, he was very surprised by its accuracy. He told me, “Master Sha, my grandfather was a spiritual leader. Thousands of people follow his teaching. He was extremely loving, compassionate, and kind. People built statues and temples in our hometown to honor and remember him.”

This example tells us that because this man’s ancestors gave great service to others, he received benefits and rewards in his business and finances. This is cause and effect. A good cause (action, behavior, or thought) brings good results. 

Why Some People Have Wealth

Why do some people have financial abundance? The root cause is good karma. Such a person and his or her ancestors accumulated great virtue in their lifetimes. They served people very well in their lifetimes. For this good service, they were given virtue. This good virtue, which is recorded in the Akashic Records, has transformed to physical money in the person’s current lifetime. If such a person continues to serve well, he or she will continue to have financial abundance in future lifetimes. Their descendants will also flourish.

Why do other people struggle with poor financial conditions? The root cause is bad karma. Such a person and his or her ancestors made significant mistakes in their lifetimes. Therefore, in order to transform finances, the key is still to clear your own bad karma and your ancestors’ bad karma.

How can you clear bad karma? The best method can be summarized in one sentence:

To offer unconditional universal service to humanity and Mother Earth is to clear bad karma.

Unconditional universal service is very important. However, it is very difficult to offer service that is truly unconditional. Many people think that if they offer some service, they should be paid. We are on Mother Earth. When someone offers professional service, he or she deserves to be paid. Everyone has to make a living. Everyone has responsibilities for the care of their families.

However, to self-clear karma, the key is to offer unconditional universal service. To offer unconditional service is to offer service without expecting anything in return. Just give pure service to others to make others happier and healthier.

There are many ways to offer unconditional service. For example, you can do volunteer work for a spiritual group. You can simply help people from your heart when they need assistance. The key is to understand that to offer this kind of service is to self-clear your karma.  

Financial Abundance Could Be Lost

If you are wealthy but forget to offer service, or if you are not generous or kind to society or those who need support, then you could lose your virtue. Remember, everything you have done is recorded in the Akashic Records, including your activities, behaviors, and thoughts. 

When a wealthy person creates bad karma, he or she loses virtue. Wealth in this lifetime is due to good service offered in previous lifetimes. For this good service, virtue was deposited into their virtue “bank account.” If the person does unpleasant things in this lifetime, he or she will lose their virtue deposit.

It works just as it does in the physical world. One could have a large bank account. But if one continues to spend money without making new deposits, one day the account will have a zero balance, or even a negative balance. A wealthy person who does unpleasant things continues to lose virtue, and his or her virtue account could reach a zero balance.

Look at the economic conditions on Mother Earth now. Many companies have become bankrupt. Other companies have completely failed and ended. I will just offer a little reminder here: there is a spiritual reason behind any business or financial failure. Please be aware of this wisdom and think about it further.

I will share more wisdom with you. Big businesses can have shareholders. Take care in choosing your business partners. For example, if a business has ten major shareholders, and two or three of them have bad karma, it will affect the entire organization. Please think a little more about this teaching also.

All of these examples and teachings are to share with you and every reader that a wealthy person must pay attention to karmic issues. The teaching can be summarized in one sentence: 

A wealthy person who wants to maintain financial abundance must continue to offer good services.

Good services include offering unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, kindness, purity, sincerity, honesty, integrity, and more.The teaching has another side that can also be summarized in one sentence:

A wealthy person who offers unpleasant services could lose his or her business and financial abundance.

Unpleasant services include killing, harming, taking advantage of others, cheating, stealing, and more. Unpleasant services create bad karma. Bad karma can be created in many ways.

The one-sentence secret about the relationship between spiritual money and physical money is:

Virtue in the spiritual world can transform to money in the physical world and vice versa. 

Watch the video of a beloved student sharing about the financial blessing she received through doing Soul Song and Soul Dance. Every moment you are singing Soul Song and doing Soul Dance, you are transforming every aspect of your life, including health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and more. At the same time, you are serving the transformation of humanity and all souls. 

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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  1. Divine Transformation is one of my favorite books. The Forgiveness Practice's are so powerfully healing and transformative! I share this book with everyone in my Soul Healing Group. Thank you Thank You Thank You, Master Sha. All My Love and Devotion.