Friday, April 17, 2015

Why Do We Need to Study Tao?

Dear Ones,

Tao is The Way. Tao is the source of all universes. Tao is the universal principles and laws. Without Tao, there would be no human beings, no Mother Earth, no universes.

Why do we need to study Tao? Because Tao creates everything in all universes. Tao guides every aspect of life. To study and practice Tao is to understand that every aspect of life has a Tao. To study and practice Tao is to bless every aspect of life.

For example, eating has a Tao. There is an ancient wisdom: chi ba cheng bao. (Eat only until you are eighty percent full.) “Chi” (pronounced chee) means eat. “Ba cheng” (pronounced bah chung) means eighty percent. “Bao” (pronounced bow, rhymes with cow) means full. This wisdom teaches us to eat the proper amount of food in order to benefit digestion and absorption.

Another ancient wisdom for eating is chi su dan (eat vegetables and less fat, oil, and salt). “Chi” (pronounced chee) again means eat. “Su” (pronounced soo) means vegetables. “Dan” (pronounced dahn) means less fat, oil, and salt. This simple statement has absolutely expressed and guided many to the Tao of eating for thousands of years. In modern times, there is much scientific research proving this wisdom. Millions of people follow this Tao principle of eating for their health.

Sleeping has a Tao. In ancient Tao teaching, ri luo wo, ri chu qi. (When the sun sets, sleep. When the sun rises, wake up.) This Tao of sleeping is so simple. Again, modern research has demonstrated that going to sleep earlier has many benefits for the endocrine system, circulatory system, and more. Unfortunately, millions of people on Mother Earth do not follow the Tao of sleeping.

The Tao of eating and the Tao of sleeping are examples of Xiao Tao (Small Tao). Every aspect of life has a Tao. For example, I have taught soul healing since 1993. The Divine guided me that the Tao of soul healing is the healing result. In order to spread soul healing to humanity, the Tao is to demonstrate great healing results.

Almost immediately after I began to teach soul healing, I started to realize the power of soul more and more deeply. I focused on self-healing in my teaching. Many good and even remarkable healing results quickly inspired me to travel worldwide to teach soul healing.

I have been teaching soul healing worldwide for twenty-two years. I have offered soul healing teaching to hundreds of thousands of people. There are thousands of heart-touching and moving stories of soul healing.

In 2008 I created the Soul Power Series. The Soul Power Series books has given humanity a complete soul system for soul healing, soul rejuvenation, and soul transformation of every aspect of life. Soul is the boss of one’s life. Heal and transform the soul first; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow.

Tao is the source of all universes. Tao creates One. In fact, Tao is One and One is Tao. One creates Two. Two is Heaven and Earth, yang and yin. Heaven and Earth interact to produce all souls and all things in all universes, but they all come from Tao.

To study and practice Tao is advanced soul study and practice. It is most important to understand that everything has a Tao. I explained above the Tao of eating, the Tao of sleeping, and the Tao of soul healing. In fact, there is a Tao for every aspect of your life. For example, business has a Tao. A relationship has a Tao. To realize the Tao in any aspect of life is to follow the spiritual principles and laws to ensure your success in that part of life.

Take healing as another example. How can all of a person’s sicknesses in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies be healed? What is the Tao of healing? To heal all sicknesses in these four bodies, the Tao of healing can be summarized in one sentence:

The Tao to heal all sickness is Shen Qi Jing He Yi.

Shen includes soul, heart and mind. Shen represents all souls in the whole body, including the souls of systems, organs, and cells. Qi represents all energies in the whole body, including the energies of systems, organs, and cells. Jing represents all matter in the whole body, including the matter of systems, organs, and cells. A person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are made of soul, energy, and matter. Any kind of sickness is due to an imbalance in and the separation of Shen Qi Jing. To join Shen Qi Jing as one is to balance the whole body. To join Shen Qi Jing as one is to return to Tao.

Shen Qi Jing He Yi (pronounced shun 
chee jing huh yee) is to return to Tao. 

Let me serve your Tao healing, rejuvenation, longevity, and immortality journey. Go to to learn about my upcoming Tao Retreats. Prepare your soul, heart, mind, and body to study and practice Tao. It will benefit all your life. It will benefit your soul journey forever!

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. I love your Tao teachings Master Sha, I feel so grateful to have your books and be learning the most precious wisdom... Thank you with all of my heart Ly Ly Ly CBD CBD CBD

  2. To follow the Tao teachings of Master Sha is to follow the teachings of long life. I am so happy to read Master Sha's Tao books, I receive more "AH HA" moments every time I open a page.My heart is full. Come and join Master Sha in Sydney Australia in July,2015. WHY ? because your soul wants to be there. If soul is happy, life is pleasant. Love you all. Love Master Sha. Thank you Master Sha.