Friday, August 21, 2015

All of Heaven Shines In Your Abdomen

Dear Ones,

How can you develop the potential power of your mind? How can you stimulate the 85 to 90 percent of your brain cells that would otherwise lie dormant your entire life? Many people especially want to develop their right brain, which is in charge of creativity, inspiration, and spiritual capabilities such as the Third Eye. Fast Images In The Abdomen is a simple but powerful exercise for developing your entire brain.

Mental acuity includes sensitivity and quickness. This Fast Images exercise is a great technique for developing the quickness (of reaction and thought) and sensitivity of your brain. In fact, it will benefit all of the many functions, and therefore the full potential power, of your brain.

Let me lead you in a guided meditation as a specific example of the Fast Images exercise. Sit down straight. Keep your back straight. Gently touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Try to keep your tongue in this position throughout the exercise. Contract your anus slightly. Place your hands with one palm covering the other, with both palms facing your abdomen. Your thumbs cross each other. Your hands do not touch each other or your body. Close your eyes gently.

Think of your mother in your abdomen. (Always visualize whatever image or event I give you in your abdomen. You love your mother. Recall how she raised you, educated you, and loves you. Right away, send your greatest love to your mother. Put any loved one in your abdomen — father, wife, husband, lover. As soon as you think of the person, send your light and love to the image in your abdomen. Go through your children, your sisters, your brothers quickly. Think about them at the same time, their personalities and other characteristics.

Continue to visualize in your abdomen. Imagine your best friends, one by one. Think about them. Connect with them. Doing so will enhance your relationships with them. If you think of them today, they may call you tomorrow. Now think about the sun, the moon, other stars. Say silently, Dear soul, mind, and body of the Big Dipper, could you give me a blessing? Suddenly — boom! — the stars of the Big Dipper shine in your abdomen. Millions of stars shine in your abdomen. All of Heaven is in your abdomen. All nine layers of Heaven, including the top layer of enlightened beings, are there. A beautiful temple, Heaven’s dragons, Heaven’s horses, Heaven’s phoenix, Heaven’s elephants, Heaven’s birds, countless saints, countless Buddhas, and countless lotus flowers are all there in your abdomen. Receive healing, blessing, and nourishment from them all.


Mind Power is a cornerstone of Soul Mind Body Medicine. Practice this exercise to develop the potential power of your brain. Apply your Mind Power for greater healing. Achieve greater understanding, creativity, and insight. Improve the quality of your life. The power of the mind to heal and bless is unlimited.

With love and blessings,

Master Sha


  1. What a wonderful coincidence, I was just trying to develop my mind power more this week. A wonderful practice, I instantly could see my loved ones in my abdomen and a lot of warmth is still radiating, event though I did the practice only for a few minutes. Thank you Master Sha!

  2. Such profound sacred Teachings shared sooo easily, thru this book ... no Mountain to climb, no searching ... in full print ... how incredible this is !!! Countless Bow Downs with deepest Gratitude !!! i am sooo moved !!! <3