Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Have You Requested a Divine Protection Field Today?

Dear Ones,

Have you ever noticed how other people ’s energy can sometimes be detrimental to you? For example, you find yourself emulating a friend’s bad behavior, or you seem to be more critical after spending time with someone who often puts other people down. You might also notice that you feel drained every time your perpetually down-onher-luck friend phones you. Or that you have to be careful about being around people you don’t like, otherwise you get sad or angry, risking an instant asthma attack. Or you wonder why contact with a certain person seems to bring out your worst qualities. Sometimes, you won’t even leave home so as to avoid meeting certain people.

All these situations can affect the quality of your life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In some cases, they can be extremely debilitating and damaging if they affect your health and the safety of your loved ones. How can you protect yourself so that other people’s energy doesn’t interfere with you or make you unhealthy?

Soul Mind Body Medicine offers several powerful techniques for protecting yourself before you go out in public or before meeting people you don’t like. Simply apply Say Hello Healing and ask for protection from a powerful mantra, holy being, or spiritual healing tool such as San San Jiu Liu Ba
Yao Wu
, Guan Yin, Jesus, or Sha’s Golden Healing Ball: Dear soul, mind, and body of Sha’s Golden Healing Ball, I love you. Can you totally cover and protect me inside and out for the whole day? For the next twelve hours, help me to stay calm. Continue to rotate all around me and within me. I am so honored. Thank you. Sha’s Golden Healing Ball will instantly surround and shield you inside and out, giving you the protection you requested.

You could chant San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu or universal light silently. You could ask for protection from Mother Mary, Shiva, GuanYin, or God. Select one mantra or highest being, and ask it to protect you. Your energy field will be protected by the Divine. You will find that you are not as easily upset or as emotional as usual, and that other people’s energy hardly affects you anymore. If you do encounter unpleasant energy, it cannot attack you because of the strength of your divine protection field.

You can use the same technique to protect others. You may be worried about your young child going off to school on his own. Give him protection in the same way before he leaves home. Apply Say Hello Healing and invoke the protection of a favored saint, Buddha, or mantra. For example, you could ask Lao Tzu to protect your child: Dear Lao Tzu, I love you. Could you protect my child? You could also ask Sha’s Golden Healing Ball for protection: Dear Sha’s Golden Healing Ball, can you protect my child on the way to school? If you worry about your children being injured on the playground, you could make another request to protect them during recess time: Dear Sha’s Golden Healing Ball, my children are playing at school. Please do not let them fall down. Take good care of them. Thank you. Sha’s Golden Healing Ball will protect your children.

As with all the practices, remember to thank the holy beings, mantras, and spiritual healing tools from whom you have requested a healing and protection blessing. Expressing your gratitude and appreciation is a most important spiritual courtesy that you must never forget to observe.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. What a most beautiful teaching, thank you Master Sha! I daily ask Archangel Michael to protect me, my loved ones, my home. And I am always very well protected! We are truly blessed every moment of our lifes!

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  3. Profoundly Grateful !!! i Love you, i Love you, i Love you !!! <3 <3 <3 Tears of Gratitude !!! This just dissolved TONS of stress for me with the care and concern for Family and Children far and near ... i am soooo veryveryyyy Grateful !!!