Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Develop Your Three Intelligences

Dear Ones,

A human being has different intelligences. The first intelligence is mind intelligence. Mind means consciousness. Mind intelligence comes mainly from the brain. It also comes from the different systems, organs, and cells, because everything has consciousness. Since you were born (and maybe even before), your parents taught you. Through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and university, one continues to learn all kinds of knowledge and develop mind intelligence.

The second intelligence is heart intelligence. Five thousand years ago, The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, the authority book of traditional Chinese medicine, stated that the heart houses the mind and soul. The heart is the key for intelligence. If a person has heart disease or other heart conditions, it could seriously affect his or her intelligence.

The third intelligence is soul intelligence. I have focused on the intelligence of one’s body soul. Your body soul reincarnates. It carries all of your lifetimes of wisdom. To develop your body soul intelligence is vital. For example, after you develop your soul intelligence, you may suddenly be able to write a book that you could not have written before. Or, perhaps you can suddenly sing without receiving any training. You have developed your soul intelligence.

I am currently in Honolulu, Hawaii. Every week I am doing Tao Miracle Healing events. Tonight’s event is Finding True Love. This Thursday, September 17, I will teach and offer blessings for Increasing Soul, Heart, and Mind Intelligence. Do not miss this opportunity to be with me for this special event. You can join in-person or via webcast. You know my heart. I cannot wait to serve you. You will receive the benefits for your whole life.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. This will be another really exciting event! I really love these "mini" events as they are always straigt to the point and you leave them with much more clear knowledge. I have never experienced anything like it!

  2. When able to be with Master Sha at any time is a blessing beyond words. I am so grateful when i am able to join and connect with such a beautiful soul family --- the love, the wisdom and interaction is wordless.... Ly Master Sha, Ly Soul Family xx CBD