Thursday, September 10, 2015

How I received “Love, Peace and Harmony”

Dear Ones,

Ten years ago, on Saturday, September 10, 2005, I visited the redwoods in Marin County, California, with three of my students. One of them asked me, “Master Sha, could you ask the Divine for a song for the Divine Mission?” I replied, “Of course! I am delighted to ask for a song from the Divine.” I raised my arm to Heaven and said, “Dear Divine, could you give me a Soul Song for our mission?” Instantly, a beam of rainbow light shot down from the Divine’s heart and went through my body from head to toe. I opened my mouth and this Divine Soul Language flowed out:

Lu La Lu La Li
Lu La Lu La La Li
Lu La Lu La Li Lu La
Lu La Li Lu La
Lu La Li Lu La

I had never heard “Lu La Lu La Li” before. I did not know what this Soul Language meant, but I knew how to translate it. I immediately asked the Divine for a translation, which I was given in Chinese:

Wo ai wo xin he ling
Wo ai quan ren lei
Wan ling rong he mu shi sheng
Xiang ai ping an he xie
Xiang ai ping an he xie

“Wo” (pronounced waw) means I. “Ai” (pronounced eye) means love. “Xin” (pronounced sheen) means heart. “He” (pronounced huh) means and. “Ling” (rhymes with sing) means soul. So “Wo ai wo xin he ling” means I love my heart and soul.

“Quan” (pronounced chwahn) means all. “Ren lei” (pronounced run lay) means humanity. So “Wo ai quan ren lei” means I love all humanity.

“Wan ling” (pronounced wahn ling) means ten thousand souls, which represents and means all souls. “Rong he” (pronounced rong huh) means join together. “Mu” (pronounced moo) means harmony. “Shi” (pronounced shr) means world. “Sheng” (pronounced shung) means produces. So “Wan ling rong he mu shi sheng” means All souls join together to produce a harmonized world.

“Xiang ai” (pronounced shyahng eye) means love. “Ping an” (pronounced ping ahn) means peace. “He xie” (pronounced huh shyeh) means harmony. So “Xiang ai ping an he xie” means exactly Love, peace and harmony.

Then I asked the Divine to give me a melody for these lyrics. I received it instantly. The melody of this Divine Soul Song is beautiful and easy to learn. Remember, though, that you can sing or simply chant the words to any Divine Soul Song with the same power and benefits.

To better fit the melody, the lyrics of this Divine Soul Song in English are:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony 
Love, peace and harmony

I was so excited to sing with my three students. As we were singing, a little girl about two or three years old walked by. She was fascinated by this first Divine Soul Song that I received. She listened with full attention until we finished singing. Then she broke out into a big smile and raised both arms above her head, waving them and making a very happy sound—Yaaaay!!! A few minutes later she and her mother had walked a couple of hundred feet away. My students and I continued to sing with great joy. The girl was walking farther and farther away. Suddenly, she stopped, turned around to face us, and raised both hands again, waving both arms, and screamed Yaaaay!!! delightedly again.

My students and I sang together for more than an hour. We left the redwoods and went to a beach on the ocean. We were singing the whole time. Hungry, we finally went into town to have dinner at a crowded and popular restaurant. I couldn’t stop singing. Three waitresses stopped their work and came to our table to listen. They stood there for a few minutes just listening, without moving or speaking. Finally, they asked me, “What are you singing?” I explained, “I am singing a Soul Song.” They said, “It is beautiful! We never heard of Soul Song before. We enjoyed it a lot.”

This story shares how I received my first Divine Soul Song from the Divine. From that moment, I have taught this Soul Song in every workshop and class I have held worldwide. Wherever I go, I sing this Divine Soul Song. Wherever I teach, I introduce this Divine Soul Song. Wherever I have the opportunity, I share this Divine Soul Song.

The more I teach and sing this Divine Soul Song, the more Divine power people and I have experienced. I have realized that this Divine Soul Song is one of the most powerful Divine soul treasures to heal, rejuvenate, and transform you, humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes. Therefore, on March 2, 2008, I asked the Divine, “Dear Divine, I was so honored to receive your first Divine Soul Song, Lu La Li Lu La, Love, Peace and Harmony. Could you literally download your soul treasure of a Divine soul of this song to all humanity and all souls?”

The Divine replied, “Dear my son and my servant, Zhi Gang, I am honored and pleased to offer my Divine Soul Download of my Divine Soul Song Lu La Li Lu La, Love, Peace and Harmony to all humanity and all souls.”

I bowed to the floor one thousand times to show total gratitude to the Divine. Then in my regular Sunday Divine Blessings teleconference, I offered the Divine Soul Download of this Divine Soul Song to all humanity and all souls. You can invoke this Divine Soul Song Download given to your soul anytime, anywhere to receive Divine healing, blessing, and life transformation.

This first Divine Soul Song, Lu La Li Lu La, Love, Peace and Harmony, carries Divine frequency, vibration, and power to heal and transform all lives. You may wonder, “Does this Divine Soul Song really have the power to do this?” My answer is straightforward: Yes, of course! This Divine Soul Song has power beyond words and thought. 


Join the Love, Peace and Harmony 10th Anniversary Celebration, September 10 - 21, 2015. Now translated into 29 languages, the Love, Peace and Harmony song is part of a non-profit humanitarian movement that works with volunteers around the world to end suffering. 

Starting on September 10 and culminating on International Day of Peace on September 21, my Worldwide Representatives and I invite you to gather every day on the Chanting Channel to celebrate love, peace and harmony.

Join thousands of friends from around the world for special chanting, meditations, Divine Soul Songs, movement practices, performances and more. It will be and exciting time.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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