Sunday, September 6, 2015

Guan Yin and the Eighty-Seven Buddhas

Dear Ones,

The purpose of life is to serve. We cannot serve enough. Love, forgiveness, compassion, and light are vital qualities for service. From my early childhood up to now, compassion has been one of the most important teachings I received from my spiritual fathers and mothers, my parents, my ancestors, and my students. We will carry compassion to humanity and all souls forever.

I have continued to receive teachings and blessings of compassion. In 1998 I was practicing traditional Chinese medicine, qi gong, Zhi Neng Medicine, and spiritual healing in Vancouver, Canada. On the morning of April 4, as I was meditating by chanting Da Bei Zhou, Guan Yin and all of the eighty-seven buddhas in Da Bei Zhou came and gave me an incredible blessing. Da Bei Zhou is the “big compassion mantra” of Guan Yin. Golden and rainbow light shone within my body from head to toe and skin to bone. I became a golden and rainbow light being. My whole body vibrated and shook. I bowed down to Guan Yin and the eighty-seven buddhas of Da Bei Zhou and made a vow:

Dear Guan Yin and the eighty-seven buddhas of Da Bei Zhou, I have received love, forgiveness, compassion, light, and soul purification from you for my whole life. I am so grateful. I cannot honor you enough for your love, nourishment, training, and purification. I am making a vow to chant Da Bei Zhou to serve humanity and all souls as much as I can in this life and in all my future lifetimes.

Guan Yin heard my vow and replied:

Dear my son, Zhi Gang, I am so pleased at your spiritual growth and by your love and compassion. I have taught, trained, and blessed you in this life and in many previous lives. You have passed my spiritual tests. So today I will transmit my spiritual compassion power to you. I will also transmit my thousand hands, thousand eyes spiritual power to your soul.

I bowed to the floor continuously to Guan Yin and the eighty-seven buddhas of Da Bei Zhou. Their light shot through my whole body like lightning. That was one of the most powerful spiritual blessings I have ever received.

Since then I have chanted Da Bei Zhou much more than before to offer many, many blessings to humanity. I am honored to chant Da Bei Zhou to serve, heal, and transform people’s lives.

I asked Guan Yin to transmit her spiritual thousand hands, thousand eyes abilities to two of my top teachers, Peter Hudoba and Michael Stevens, in November 2006 and to one spiritual leader, Dr. Barbara King, in June 2008. Guan Yin was delighted to offer them the same transmission.

From my early childhood to this day, the eighty-seven buddhas of Da Bei Zhou and the teachings and blessings from Ling Hui Sheng Shi have benefited my spiritual growth and my spiritual service tremendously. I cannot thank them enough.

You can now learn the Da Bei Zhou, or deepen your previous training, by studying along with me in my on-line course. I will teach you how to chant the Da Bei Zhou. You can learn from the comfort of your home. To chant the Da Bei Zhou is to receive the benefits to transform all your life. Do not miss this opportunity to join 
this special course.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. Thank you Master Sha for sharing the 1000 Hands, 1000 Eyes of beloved Guan Yin (Ling Hui Sheng Shi) and the 87 buddhas of the Da Bei Zhou. We are all extremely blessed. LYLYLY TYTYTY CBD CBD CBD

  2. The Da Bei Zhou has changed my life so much and I love these special teachings! Thank you so much Master Sha for sharing with Humanity!

  3. Thank you Master Sha for allowing us in this lifetime to have the opportunity to serve humanity by becoming a Da Bei Zhou
    lineage holder. This is the greatest gift in my life.
    Thank you! Countless Bow Downs! Love you,Love you,Love you!