Friday, October 2, 2015

Awaken Your Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body

Dear Ones,

Tao is in daily life. I my Tao I book, The Divine and Tao guided me to offer teachings and practices for daily life to you, to all Tao practitioners, and to humanity. These practices are extremely simple, but they are also extremely powerful for transforming your health, happiness, intelligence, relationships, finances, and success in every aspect of your life. Remember one line of the Tao text explained in my Tao I book, chapter 2: Tao fa zi ran, which means follow nature’s way. When you reach Tao, you will meld with Tao in every aspect of your life. You will follow the universal principles and laws naturally. Doing these practices is very important to build your Jin Dan and to help you reach Tao in daily life. I have shared some of these practices in previous blog posts. I have not yet shared this Jin Dan Xing Shen practice.

Jin Dan Xing Shen
Morning Practice Upon Waking Up

The sacred and secret mantra for this practice is Jin Dan Xing Shen (pronounced jeen dahn shing shun). “Jin” means gold. “Dan” means light ball. “Xing” means awaken. “Shen” means your soul and also the highest energy. “Jin dan xing shen” means Jin Dan awakens your soul and boosts your highest energy for the day.

Right after you wake up in the morning, apply the Four Power Techniques in this practice:

Body Power. After waking up, remain lying in bed on your back. Put both palms over your abdomen below the navel. Gently touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Soul Power. Say hello:

Dear soul mind body of my Jin Dan (even if you have only built your Jin Dan for one day, it does not matter; invoke and use the Soul Power of whatever Jin Dan you have),
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
You have the power to awaken me fully and to boost my energy, stamina, vitality, and   immunity for the whole day.
I am very grateful.
Thank you.

Mind Power. Visualize your Jin Dan (golden light ball) rotating and growing in your lower abdomen, just below your navel.

Sound Power. Chant or sing silently (listen to me on the CD included with the Tao I book):

Jin Dan Xing Shen (pronounced jeen dahn shing shun)
Jin Dan Xing Shen
Jin Dan Xing Shen
Jin Dan Xing Shen
Jin Dan Xing Shen
Jin Dan Xing Shen
Jin Dan Xing Shen . . .

Chant or sing silently (never aloud when lying down because that drains energy) for at least five minutes. Practicing a little longer would be perfect.

This practice is extremely important:
• to awaken your soul, heart, mind, and body
• to receive the morning’s energy from Heaven and Mother Earth
• to boost your highest energy for your entire day of activities

The more you chant or sing, the better. There is no time limit.
Chant or sing anytime, anywhere. Chant or sing silently or aloud.
To chant or sing is to go into the condition.

Chant well.
Sing well.
Practice well.
Practice more.
Practice as much as possible.
Reach Tao as quickly as possible.

Prepare your soul, heart, mind, and body for my Tao I - VI Retreat for Longevity and Immortality, November 12 - December 5, 2015. Your Tao journey will be beyond blessed!

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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