Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Are You Listening To Your Heart and Soul?

Dear Ones,

The relationships among soul, heart, mind, and body (energy and matter) can be expressed in a sacred process:

Soul Heart Mind Energy Matter

Soul leads heart; heart leads mind; mind leads energy; energy leads matter. This teaching is very important for everyone. This sacred process is the sacred healing wisdom and practice for humanity. It could create millions and billions of soul healing miracles in the future. In my upcoming Tao Retreats, I will lead you to apply this process to create soul healing miracles for you, your loved ones, humanity, and all souls. Let me summarize the key teachings I offered in Soul Mind Body Science System, which I co-wrote with Dr. and Master Rulin Xiu:

• Qi Dao Xue Dao— When qi arrives, blood arrives.
• Yi Dao Qi Dao— When mind message arrives, energy arrives.
• Xin Dao Yi Dao— When heart message arrives, consciousness arrives.
• Ling Dao Xin Dao— When soul message arrives, heart message arrives.

The process of healing, rejuvenation, longevity, and transformation of all life, as well as of moving in the direction of immortality, is: 

soul message heart message mind message energy matter

where “” denotes leads. This sacred process will bring revolutionary healing, rejuvenation, longevity, and immortality to humanity. To heal, to rejuvenate, to prolong life, and to reach immortality, the most important sacred wisdom and practice is to align one’s soul, heart, mind, and body as one.

Qi Dao Xue Dao

“Qi dao xue dao” (pronounced chee dow shoo-eh dow) means when energy arrives, blood arrives. This tells us that qi leads blood, or energy leads matter. Qi is the boss of blood.

The second secret and step in the sacred process and path is:

Yi Dao Qi Dao

Mind is consciousness. For example, when you put your mind on the kundalini, that is yi dao. Energy will then arrive at the kundalini. “Yi dao qi dao” (pronounced yee dow chee dow) means when consciousness or mind thinking arrives, energy arrives. That is how meditation works. Millions of meditation styles in history can be summarized in this one sacred sentence:

Yi Dao Qi Dao

This tells us that mind leads energy. Mind is the boss of qi or energy.

The third secret and step in the sacred process and path is: 

Xin Dao Yi Dao

“Xin” means heart. The heart has its own thinking. When the heart thinks, the message of the heart will be delivered to the mind. Mind is consciousness. The mind will respond to the message of the heart. “Xin dao yi dao” (pronounced sheen dow yee dow) means when heart thinking arrives, mind, which is consciousness, arrives.

Much of the ancient wisdom and sacred teaching of traditional Chinese medicine came from traditional Tao teaching.

One ancient sacred phrase exactly explains the truth of this third secret and step in the sacred process and path:

Heart houses the mind and soul.

Therefore, when your heart has thinking or desire, your mind or consciousness will follow. Heart thinking leads mind thinking. Heart leads mind. Heart is the boss of mind or consciousness.

The fourth secret and step in the sacred process and path is:

Ling Dao Xin Dao

“Ling” means soul. “Dao” means arrive. “Xin” means heart. “Ling dao xin dao” (pronounced ling dow sheen dow) means when soul thinking arrives, heart thinking arrives.

Soul is a light being. Soul is the essence of one’s present life. Soul is the essence of all of one’s hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. Here we are speaking about our main soul, which I call the body soul. For example, you are named David, Francisco, or Maya. You have your body soul. When your body soul wants to do something, your heart receives the message. Your heart will think, “I want to do something.” You may not know that your heart wants to do something because your soul has given that message to your heart. Your heart will think, desire, and plan to do that “something.” When your heart desires or wants to do something, your mind— which is your consciousness— will catch up with and align with your heart. Then, energy and matter will follow.


In my upcoming Tao Retreats, we will do much practice based on this sacred process and wisdom.

Let me emphasize again the key relationships among soul, heart, mind, and body (energy and matter):

• Soul leads heart.
• Heart leads mind.
• Mind leads energy.
• Energy leads matter.

When you understand this sacred process and path well, you will know how to:

• heal
• prevent sickness
• rejuvenate
• prolong life
• transform relationships
• transform finances
• increase intelligence
• open spiritual channels
• transform all life
• bring success in every aspect of life
• move forward on the journey of immortality 

See you at my Tao Retreats. The first few days will be very special. I will begin this Thursday, November 12, with my Tao Soul Heart Mind Healing and Enlightenment Retreat. It is no coincidence you are reading this message right now. I call you to pay great attention to your heart and soul's message. You will be speechless what I am offering for your soul journey. Register now and receive six free guest passes for your friends, loved ones, family members, and colleagues. Encourage them to participate. You are helping them to transform their soul journeys. Heaven will reward you with great virtue to bless your life. I look forward to serving everyone.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha 

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