Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Step Into Tao Source Communication

There are thousands, even millions, of people worldwide who want to do soul communication. Their souls have yearned for this for many years. Some have waited for many lifetimes. Most likely, you are one of these people. All of you now have the opportunity to learn how to do soul communication. 

I have taught thousands of people worldwide how to open their spiritual (soul communication) channels, which are the Soul Language Channel, the Direct Soul Communication Channel, the Third Eye Channel, and the Direct Knowing Channel. These students have opened their spiritual channels by communicating with the Divine daily and by receiving blessings to purify and transform their spiritual channels. I have certified hundreds of advanced students as Divine Direct Soul Communicators. They receive wisdom and teaching directly from the spiritual world to empower every aspect of life. You can receive all of the benefits that they have received and are receiving. 

I am delighted to announce our new two-year Tao Source Communicator Certification Training Program, which begins next month in August. Before, I taught soul communication. I am still teaching soul communication, but I am moving to Tao Source communication because I am representing the Tao. I am teaching Tao. I am the servant of Divine and Tao to bring Divine and Tao sacred wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to humanity and to all souls. My Worldwide Representatives and I are communicating directly with Tao. Tao is the Source. Tao is The Way. Tao is the creator of Heaven, Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

Tao Source communication is a profound gift for this era, the Soul Light Era, which began on August 8, 2003. Tao Source communication makes it possible to have a direct conversation with your spiritual fathers and mothers, with the highest saints, with the Divine and Tao, with any soul you wish to communicate with. The wisdom, healing, rejuvenation and transformation that come from Tao communication are without limits. You will be amazed at how Tao Source communication will change your life. Many secrets will be revealed to you. The root of many obstacles will be revealed.

Tao Source communication is a key to priceless treasures. These treasures include opening your spiritual channels, receiving teachings from the highest levels of the Soul World, being in the presence of an extraordinary frequency connected with the topic of your communication, and much, much more. You will learn so much. You will be able to offer high-level service to humanity. To serve humanity as a Certified Tao Source Communicator is to make others healthier and happier. Your life will be blessed beyond words. Those who receive your service be blessed.

Through Tao Source communication, you can receive direct guidance from the Divine and Tao. Anyone can learn how to communicate directly with the Divine and Tao and the highest spiritual teachers in Heaven. Open your soul communication channels to directly receive their teaching, wisdom and knowledge. This will increase your intelligence and your abilities to benefit every aspect of your life. Through Tao communication, you can also directly invoke the Divine, Tao, and high spiritual beings to request their healing and blessings for your life, including your relationships and business. Open your soul communication channels to allow soul communication to transform every aspect of your life. Transformation can be applied to businesses, careers, relationships, emotions, physical conditions and your entire spiritual journey. You can use Tao source communication for all aspects of your life. The possibilities for transformation are limitless.

Humanity is waiting for the opportunity to have Tao Source communication be part of daily life. As more and more people do Tao Source communication, blessings and healings will touch every part of daily life. Tao communication is not limited to those on a spiritual journey. It is open to all humanity. Imagine how different Mother Earth will be as more and more people develop their ability to do Tao source communication. It is a gift to each individual. It is also a gift to all humanity and to Mother Earth.

Allow my Worldwide Representative and top teachers to be your servant by sharing soul wisdom and soul secrets about Tao communication. Allow them to share secret techniques to open your spiritual channels. Allow them to serve you by sharing the soul wisdom to facilitate your spiritual journey. Tao Source communication will serve you well if you are willing to uplift your spiritual standing and fulfill your spiritual journey. It will serve you well if you are willing to transform every aspect of your life, as well as offer unconditional service to humanity during these challenging times.

Humanity is suffering. We must jump out from the suffering. Tao Source communication will guide humanity out from the suffering. Tao Source Communicators are special chosen servants to help ease the suffering of humanity during Mother Earth’s transition. Step into the role of a powerful servant to help manifest love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, Heaven, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

Click here for more details about the Tao Source Communicator Certification Training Program. You will receive powerful teachings and blessings to develop your Tao Source communication abilities and to accelerate your soul journey beyond comprehension.

Receive the blessings.
Learn the wisdom.
Put it into practice.
Benefit from it.   
Serve humanity.
Serve all souls.
Accomplish your soul journey.
Meld with Tao!

Hao! Hao! Hao!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. I am so excited for this program and can't wait to join! We are so blessed at this time :) Thank you Master Sha, Thank you the Divine and Thank you the Tao for this opportunity and the possibility of becoming a Tao Source Soul Communicator. Love you <3

  2. It is a great honour to be a soul communicator and be able to connect to Divine, Tao and heaven to receive messages from heaven. We are truly blessed.