Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The True Secret for Financial Abundance

Dear Ones,

Why do many people have financial challenges? The root cause of poor finances and all kinds of financial challenges is bad karma. In order to self-clear karma, remember this teaching above: If you have any issues of body karma, mouth karma, or thought karma, please be serious and disciplined to correct them.

There is only one way for you to self-clear karma: Offer good service. Make others happier and healthier. Help humanity and Mother Earth pass through this difficult time of transition and purification that is the result of our huge collective negative karma.

To offer good service is to create good karma. Creating good karma reduces your karmic debt. If you offer good service, virtue from Heaven’s virtue bank is deposited to your virtue bank
account in your Akashic Record book. This good virtue comes to you in the form of Heaven’s flowers, which can be red, gold, rainbow, purple, crystal, or mixed colors. Virtue or Heaven’s flowers are spiritual currency. This heavenly reward repays your karmic debt step by step. You must clear your karmic debt first. When this root blockage is removed, you will then have the possibility of seeing your finances flourish.

Virtue is yin money, which is currency in the spiritual world. Money on Mother Earth is yang money, which is currency in the physical world. Just as a human being needs money to spend in the physical world, a soul needs virtue to spend in the spiritual world.

The one-sentence secret about the relationship between spiritual money and physical money is:

Virtue in the spiritual world can transform to money in the physical world and vice versa.

The top secret to transforming finances and business is:

Offer unconditional universal service to transform your finances and business.


Join me and Adam Markel, Friday-Sunday, August 5-7, for our Soul Over Matter Workshop in San Diego, California via in-person or live webcast. This will truly be an extraordinary event that no one should miss. You know my heart. I am the servant of humanity and all souls. I will bless your financial journey. Together we have the power to create abundance and flourishing in all aspects of life. Do not miss! Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. Thank you Master Sha for teaching us why we have blockages in our finances and also how to transform them. Love you <3

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