Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Say Hello to Tao Institute

Dear Ones,

Last Saturday, at around 7:00 pm ET, I sent The Source Order to announce and bless the launching of our new on-line Tao Institute. Many of you were with me, either in-person or on the webcast, to celebrate this historic event. I asked Master Nina to give the essence of what she experienced when I gave the Order.

Master Nina:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Master Sha, for such a beautiful opening. We are truly blessed because this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world but here. The Tao Institute is where the theory, the practice, the blessings and the treasures are all together. So you’re not just studying, you’re not just learning the wisdom; you’re actually living the wisdom. You become the wisdom. You become the practice. Master Sha is leading us to reach the Tao, and that is amazing.

The first blessing was such a huge clearing. Countless Heaven’s generals and soldiers are part of the whole Tao Institute. I saw that there was a beautiful Tao Institute created in Heaven—Heaven’s Tao Institute. I saw there were countless saints and holy beings who are teachers and wisdom figures of various and highest wisdom of Heaven, and they all came. They came into the on-line Institute. When you come and study and take the classes, they will teach you. They will be with you. So you will be learning on the physical level and the spiritual and soul level. They’ll be blessings, downloads—it’s just like Heaven’s school on Mother Earth.

This is the essence. Thank you, Master Sha.

I asked Master Allan to do a short flow from Tian Wai Tian Divine:

Master Allan:

Hao! This is Tian Wai Tian Divine.

My dear daughters and sons. I love you. Our beloved Master Sha has created the highest school on Mother Earth and in Heaven. You will learn from countless saints the highest practices, great wisdom, and great knowledge that will help you heal and transform your life and that will empower you to be a better servant for others. I, and all of us in Heaven, will not only be supporting this highest Tao Institute of learning, wisdom, practice and more; we will also be attending this Tao Institute to learn ourselves. This will give you just a hint of what you can receive from the Tao Institute.

I call all of you to join, to study, to be empowered, to receive, and to take what you receive to serve others This is what I will do. This is what many countless souls in Heaven will also be doing beside you. We love you. We love, honor and thank our beloved Master Sha. Countless thank yous. Hao!

Do not wait. Go on line to the Tao Institute. Spend your time when you are at home to learn Tao sacred wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques to heal and transform every aspect of life.

Learn the wisdom
Receive the blessings.
Flourish in every aspect of life.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

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