Friday, March 31, 2017

Say Hello With Love

Dear Ones,

When you get sick, do you complain to your organs and cells? Oh, my stomach hurts. I’m really upset with my stupid stomach. I’m so tired, I’ve been working too hard, and now my back is so stiff and painful. I hate my back. Stop complaining! It isn’t going to make you feel better. It isn’t going to help you heal. Turn your complaints into love and forgiveness. Why does the first sentence of Say Hello Healing end with I love you?

If you have back pain, say “hello” and use unconditional love: Dear soul, mind, and body of my back, I really love you. You are suffering now. You have the power to heal yourself. Please do a good job. Something is causing your pain, but it doesn’t matter what it is. I really love you unconditionally. Then really give love to your back, just as you give love to your mother, to your true love, to your spiritual father, or to the Divine.

What does “unconditional love” mean? You give your love to others without any conditions. You do not expect or want anything in return for that love. Completely relax. Just give the thought, feeling, and message of “love” to your back. I love my back. I love my back unconditionally. Love. Love. Love. Love. I have the power to heal my back. I have the power to heal my back. I have the power to heal my back. I have the power to heal my back. Love. Love. Love. Love. When you do this, close your eyes. Go into the emotion of love. Love carries incredible power.

When you offer love from your soul, heart, mind, and body to your back unconditionally, the universe will help. The healing angels, saints, and Buddhas will see you offering unconditional love to heal your back, and they will respond. “Oh, how sweet this person is to practice love for healing. Let’s help.” They will send their light to your back, and you will receive additional blessing from them.

Unconditional love is a golden key to the universe. Just offer unconditional love, and it can help you heal yourself, others, and the universe. Love is not just a concept. It is a technique, a practical tool for healing. You will receive great benefits. Be patient and confident.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


  1. Thank you, Beloved Master Sha for empowering us all with the Power of Love.

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