Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chi Flows

Dear Ones,

A body has systems. A system has organs. An organ has cells. A cell has cell units, DNA and RNA, smallest matter, and spaces. They are all made of matter. Matter resonates and vibrates to radiate energy. Energy is chi.

For five thousand years, traditional Chinese medicine has emphasized chi. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, the authoritative textbook of traditional Chinese medicine, stated:

If chi flows, one is healthy. If chi is blocked, one is sick.

Many healing modalities worldwide focus on chi healing, such as acupuncture, qi gong, Reiki, prana healing, magnet therapy, and hundreds more kinds of energy-based healing. Chi healing is very important. Chi healing has benefited millions of people’s health throughout history.

Let me release one secret wisdom and practice of chi healing. Practice like this:

Practice for Chi Healing

Choose one part of your body where you have problems, which could include pain, stiffness, heaviness, fullness, inflammation, a cyst, a tumor, cancer, or other issues. Put one palm on that area. Then, chant repeatedly:

Chi flows.
Chi flows.
Chi flows.
Chi flows . . .

Practice for at least three minutes, the longer, the better. In these three minutes of chanting this two-word sentence, you could receive remarkable healing that you can hardly believe. You could receive significant improvement. You could feel a little better. You could feel no improvement at all. If you feel no improvement, it does not mean that it does not work. Practice more. You could feel results soon.

Why is this wisdom and practice a vital secret? To chant chi flows is to give a Soul Order to the affected systems, organs, cells, cell units, DNA and RNA, smallest matter in the cells, and spaces between the cells. This order stimulates cellular vibration. Chi, which is energy, flows instantly. As long as chi flows, you could feel better instantly.

If chi flows, matter blockages will dissipate also. How? Remember, matter is inside the cells. Chi is outside the cells. When chi flows, the matter inside the cells will transform to chi outside the cells. This will remove matter blockages naturally.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha


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