Saturday, February 8, 2014

Master Sha tells a story…

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In the last ten years we have created hundreds of Soul Healing Miracles. People know the physical organs. Most of humanity does not know about Divine Organs. People will know Divine Organs more and more. Next year we will focus on divine knee, divine heart, divine neck and divine organs.

Hundreds of thousands of miracles are not enough. This will create millions and billions of soul healing miracles. Divine and Tao gave me the honor and authority to offer Divine Organs. Divine Channels will offer Divine Organs. Everybody has a heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Millions of people are suffering for all kinds of organs. Divine changes the soul, consciousness, energy and matter of the organ. Divine Healing is “transmission,” and in one second the organ is changed. It will spread. Wait for me to write a special book for that.

Place the book here. You are watching a movie with the physical eyes. Use your Third Eye to see from heaven. You could be “WOW!” and see what happened in heaven. You could realize “WOW!” this is real. Even if you cannot see it does not mean it does not exist. Hundreds of thousands of miracles prove the power. One or five miracles could be a coincidence. Hundreds and thousands of miracles are not a coincidence anymore.

Source and Divine Order, all layers of heaven’s orders” Download countless saints, countless saint’s animals, countless soul treasures, huge financial blessing. You will see the golden bars and cash. You will see it is real. If you do not realize Divine distributes wealth, then you will one day.

I will say “transmission,” and ask for a blessing. In New Mexico a woman told me that when I said, “transmission,” St. German told her to ask for a healing.



Stay still for thirty seconds.

MASTER PETER: Thank you for the honor to witness this. This was truly remarkable. When Master Sha was going to offer the transmission and blessing, Heaven opened above us. Already thousands of saints, millions of saints were lining up in front of us to be ready, to be joined with the scroll. I as well saw two big heavenly vehicles which brought two big golden boxes. They were waiting above. Many animals arrived to be joined with the scroll. When Master Sha gave the Order I saw enormous explosion of light in him, as well as in the scroll. All of this is joined in the scroll, as described. Humanity is extremely blessed to have this available and to be able to receive the blessings and power coming from this scroll. We are truly blessed.

MASTER SABINE: What I saw was truly very nice and heart touching. Before you started, I saw many souls around the calligraphy. They waited to receive the order. When you sent the Order, it was beautiful. Many souls in heaven and direct committees were waiting to come to Mother Earth for this special way. There were many souls from financial and communication committees. There were many layers from heaven and the different committees to offer support. This was for me heart touching that they are ready in heaven. They only need the order to come and support us. What surprised me a lot is they are so happy and excited to come. It was so nice.

MASTER SHA: Place one hand toward calligraphy and one on the area that needs healing.

Dear Source Ling Guang Calligraphy
Countless Saints within
Countless Saints animals within
Countless soul treasures within

Box of golden coins within
Please bless everyone
Come to our lower abdomen
The source of energy

Boost energy
Ling Guang, Ling Guang
Boost stamina
Ling Guang, Ling Guang
Boost immunity
Ling Guang, Ling Guang
The saints
The saints animals
Soul treasures
Financial blessings
Come to all of our hand

Flow into our lower abdomen
Ling Guang, Ling Guang
Soul light
We appreciate the Source Ling Guang calligraphy
We appreciate the Source Ling Guang calligraphy put into the book

This is so convenient
To receive the blessing
Millions of people are suffering
This is soul healing secret

In ancient teaching
If you want to know
If a pear is sweet
Taste it

If you want to know
If the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy works
Feel it
Experience it

This morning
We have chanted for one hour
You like this kind of practice
Yes, yes, yes

Big yes
Big yes
Big yes

Do you like this?
Yes, yes
Do you like this?
Yes, yes
Do you want one hour per day?
Yes, yes, yes

Do you like to serve in this way?
Yes, yes, yes
How come you do not know how to say big yes
Yes, yes, yes

With Love and Blessings
Master Sha
Love Peace Harmony Movement

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